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Brand New Cyan Game and The Role of Spoilers

PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2016 7:08 pm
by Golden Wedge

Haven't posted much here, but I wanted to express some thoughts on the eve of the important release from Cyan.

The team at Cyan has spent a lot of time and effort in making a new game for us. It's been a long time coming and I can hardly wait! I expect Obduction will be a richly imagined environment that will sweep us away into other times and places. The other big thing that I am looking forward to are some new Cyan puzzles! They are one of the other main things that Cyan is known for. Basically it is their stock in trade. You can enjoy exploring any of Cyan's games over and over, enjoying the surroundings and the wonderful music. However, you can only enjoy the thrill of solving their puzzles once. My point is this: Please be extra careful on what you reveal in the open about how to solve the new puzzles in Obduction. I can only hope that there will be millions of people new to Cyan playing Obduction and my hope is that everyone get the opportunity to experience the thrill of solving the puzzles by themselves. So please be careful what you post and how you post it. Use the spoiler tags if you aren't sure if it's a spoiler. Don't describe how you are trying to solve a puzzle in the open, even if you are sure that everyone already knows what you know.

I guess I want the Magic to last as long as possible and I want everyone to experience it first hand.

It's almost here!!!!

Re: Brand New Cyan Game and The Role of Spoilers

PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2016 10:08 am
by KDeFlane
I'll second this motion. Considering that this is posted in the "General Discussion (NO Spoilers)" section, it shouldn't even be an issue. For my viewpoint, I say everything that mentions something in the game is a spoiler. Don't tell me how you felt when you first saw *x* because then I won't have my own first exposure to *x* on my own. Go ahead and gush about the beauty of the scenes, but please do so in the spoiler section instead.

Or I should just turn off the internet until the weekend arrives. We can police ourselves, but we cannot control the world.