Reason to Support Obduction: from a (literal) Friend of Cyan

Reason to Support Obduction: from a (literal) Friend of Cyan

Postby outofmind82 » Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:52 am

November 10, 2013

Greetings friends, gamers, and fellow backers,

For those of you who don't already know me, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gabriel and I’m a Spokane, WA native, yes, the same place that is home to Cyan, Inc. I’m also proud to be the first person to have backed Obduction on Kickstarter.

This might be a little strange for somebody who isn't an employee of Cyan, or a part of the project to be sending out a message to you all in support of this Kickstarter campaign, but I asked a few folks at Cyan if I could tell you a little bit about what I know about this project and the team behind it from the outside. You see, Spokane being the relatively tight knit community that it is, I happen to be good friends with two of the current team members and I am also friends with others who have worked with Cyan in the past. As a result I’ve had a social connection to the company for nearly a decade now and I’ve been around as my friends and their fellow team members have proudly celebrated Cyan’s successes, and I’ve witnessed as they’ve grouped together to weather the unexpected hardships that the gaming industry can sometimes throw at a company.

But while many other gaming companies have come and gone as the demands of gamers, publishers, and system builders have changed with an almost hypersonic pace, Cyan has continued to endure in this industry for over 25 years. For me, this is testament not only to their reputation as a reliable and trustworthy company, but it also demonstrates their ability and willingness to adapt to the times and provide the services and products which fit those constantly changing demands.

Since the Obduction Kickstarter campaign began just over three weeks ago, many articles have been written by numerous periodicals and websites providing their opinion on Cyan’s latest endeavor. I have taken the time to read a number of them myself and personally I think most of them have got it spot on in their support of Cyan and their ability to deliver what they are promising regarding Obduction.

Yet, there are admittedly some who have asked what the point of trying to make a game like Obduction is today, claiming that we are now in an era of gaming that cares only about flash, crass, violence, and firepower. I say that’s obviously not true because there are over 15,000 supporters on Kickstarter today looking to help get this game made. I also point out that some of the top selling and top grossing games of today are non-violent, exploratory, and/or puzzle games like Minecraft, Animal Crossing, Candy Crush Saga, or Bejeweled. From what Cyan is describing, Obduction is an gaming experience that will combine these elements together: exploration, puzzle solving, and non-violence; and it will do so in a life-like, engaging, first person world which none of these other best-selling games is able to provide.

Furthermore, others have questioned Cyan’s ability to deliver a quality product when other gaming companies funding on Kickstarter haven’t produced what they have promised, and when the last “best selling” game Cyan released was Riven. To address the first concern, I don’t think it’s fair to put the burden of the failures of other companies onto those who follow them; each company is unique, some are far better managed than others. As I said previously, from what I know of the company I have little doubt as to the integrity of Cyan or their ability to deliver their product. Not only do they have a management team who has successfully brought them through various ups-and-downs in their history, but Obduction is a game which they have been thinking about making for a while now and have very carefully planned out the process for developing.

What’s more, even though I am not privy to anymore details of the game than the rest of you, I have absolutely no doubt about the quality of the game that will result from the Obduction Kickstarter campaign. I can say this with confidence because this is a project that my friends, and the whole team at Cyan, Inc., have been putting their blood, sweat, tears, and many unpaid hours into for the past year just to get the Kickstarter campaign off the ground. Beyond that, Obduction is a vision that they’ve had for many years prior, but because of the complicated politics of publishing and funding video games, have not had the means to develop until now that the fans have had the opportunity to become their backers.

Creating the game will be a team comprised of avid gamers and die-hard fans of the Myst series; some who were even inspired by Myst to move across the country for the sole purpose of working for Cyan and contributing to their legacy. This is a team of designers that know what kind of game you want to play and they will deliver it, because it’s the exact same game that they have been wanting to play their whole lives: a thought provoking, puzzling, visually and environmentally immersive, story driven game that puts you, the individual gamer, at the center of the action.

For them, Obduction is not just a game. It is the culmination an experience that started 20 years ago with Myst that can now be fully realized with the technology of today. It is a project that everybody at Cyan is passionate about seeing through to the end. It is a game that will be created by fans, for fans and it promises to be an incredible experience based on the huge amounts of thought, heart, and vision that every member of this team has put into its development thus far. And from what I know about the team behind Obduction they will continue to devote their hearts and souls to the project until it is completed.

So what I ask of you as my friends at Cyan inch closer to the deadline for this campaign is two things. First, tell all of your friends, family, and coworkers who like story driven, visually appealing, thought provoking games that for a pledge of just $25 that they can get a copy of Obduction upon its release. I mean, how often does a game come along anymore that costs just $25? That’s quite the deal if you ask me.

Second, I’m asking that if you’ve already given and really want to see Obduction realized, that you give just a little bit more. What I am proposing is that every person who has backed this campaign already chip in a least $5 more to help push it over the edge. For you, that’s simply the price of giving up one grande caramel macchiato at your favorite coffee chain in the morning. For the team at Cyan it means that this group of really awesome, dedicated game builders will get to realize a dream they’ve been plotting out for years and get to work on another groundbreaking game that they are passionate about, and it’ll be all for you, the fans that funded it.

Once upon a time, Cyan delivered what was arguably the most ground-breaking video game in history in the form of Myst… I say that we should give them an opportunity to do it once again.


Gabriel Ellzey
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