Obduction in the News

Obduction in the News

Postby Nalates » Fri Sep 09, 2016 12:35 pm

Eurogamer.net has posted a nice article about Cyan and Obduction and... the history of Myst, Riven, etc.

See: Myst connection: The rise, fall and resurrection of Cyan
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Re: Obduction in the News

Postby Erik » Fri Sep 09, 2016 11:52 pm

Nice to read the article, especially the section about URU. Well, not nice, rather heartaching. To know that all the Ages in the pipeline for URU had to be put in expansions and Myst V. I think that was the main problem with MOUL in the end: there wasn't enough material in the pipeline.
We got 2 garden ages, 4 pods, a mini-game (Jalak) and one real Age (Minkate, which was mostly empty). Whereas the original pipeline would have had many new Ages that would have been new at the time, like Noloben, Kahlo...

Such a shame what happened with Ubisoft. :(

It's not new information, but I think it's the first time that someone from Cyan states so clearly what really happened.
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Re: Obduction in the News

Postby matthornb » Sat Sep 17, 2016 1:09 pm

Speaking of publications noticing Obduction, did anyone notice that Obduction was one of the anticipated games mentioned in Entertainment weekly about a month prior to release? The '99 ways to spend your summer' issue including a half-page with 5 late-summer-release games mentioned that the magazine thought looked promising, including Obduction.

Also, there are a ton of solidly positive Obduction reviews accumulating online but also the occasional nasty outlier (I'm looking at you, GameRevolution!)

But whatever press Cyan is getting here isn't enough to make this game a true hit. It's a mild success, maybe, but it's not doing extremely well.

Looking at SteamSpy's estimates of the number of Obduction owners (on Steam), it seems to be just under 40,000. That is of course only the sales level on Steam, but it is a bit disconcerting especially once you realize about 10,000 of those got the game from having backed it on Kickstarter. The actual sales figure may be 30,000 copies on Steam, at $30 each, with Valve's cut likely being a typical 30% so... Cyan has maybe made a bit over $600,000 on Steam so far with Obduction - maybe a million dollars or so with other venues factored in.

And all the indicators suggest sales are leveling off and that the rush following release is simply over, reduced to a slow trickle of sales.

I hope things go well but it looks at this point like the game is going to keep Cyan afloat and is maybe a modest success, but is not the sort of major comeback they would've liked.

I don't know if they'll want to do a sequel to Obduction or not; it's kind of a toss-up at this point and they know the situation better than we do. All we can manage right now is an informed guess based on publically available data, and it's... doing okay I guess?
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Re: Obduction in the News

Postby belford » Sat Sep 17, 2016 10:07 pm

Looking at SteamSpy's estimates of the number of Obduction owners (on Steam), it seems to be just under 40,000. That is of course only the sales level on Steam, but it is a bit disconcerting especially once you realize about 10,000 of those got the game from having backed it on Kickstarter.

I've been looking at those numbers too, but the error bars are large. In theory up to 22000 of those people could be Kickstarter backers. That would mean under 20000 full-price post-launch units sold. Plus or minus several thousand, because SteamSpy is always approximate.

On the other hand, games on Steam generally have a good long tail. The first time Cyan does a sale, they'll sell more; plus more when the Mac version goes public; plus over the next few years more people will upgrade their hardware to be within Obduction's requirements. It adds up over time.

On the other other hand, possibly Cyan got a large whack of funding post-Kickstarter. (It's not very clear from the AVClub interview.) If so, the funders will be owed a cut of the revenue.

And on top of all that, Cyan's next project depends not on how Obduction *actually* did, but on how either a publisher or the Kickstarter audience *thinks* it will do in the long run. As part of a series (or "spiritual series", even). So even knowing the real numbers wouldn't tell you the whole story about what deals Cyan can swing now.
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Re: Obduction in the News

Postby Tahgtahv » Sun Sep 18, 2016 4:53 am

Cyan did get funds from a variety of other sources, including game sales, etc. I don't believe they need to pay back any of their revenue sources, but don't know that for sure. Whether they would end up accepting a publisher again for a future game remains to be seen, but it's not worked out well in the past.
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Re: Obduction in the News

Postby Shorahmin » Sat Oct 01, 2016 6:06 pm

Blood, gore, and crime seem to sell better than great puzzles and "adventure". Says something about their customer base. For me as a backer and direct purchaser (trying to keep supporting) Obduction was worth the wait and every penny. AND, if they do it again, so will I.
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