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Re: Obduction Loading Times?

PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:11 am
by wstrohm
Thanks for your reply, Marten.
The Mac version is still a work in progress. Cyan has said that Obduction will not work correctly until Apple releases a "Metal API" update. Reference: ... ts/1725790
According to the Unreal4 Crash Report I see after Obduction crashes, the problem is with the "GeForceMTLDriverWeb" file that is deep within the "Contents" of /System/Library/Extensions/GeForceMTLDriverWeb.bundle. I believe that file is supplied with the latest nVidia graphics driver, which is in my case 367.15.10.15f03 (for Sierra version 10.12.1). Of course I have no idea whether this is true; computerized error messages are so famous for lying to the user.

Also, selecting "Public Preview" in "Properties/Local Files" displays a text field requirement for a "Check Code," and I have no idea what that means, but if I don't input one, there is no response to clicking the button to proceed. I was able to re-download my Obduction app by leaving the "Public Preview" selection, but it is the same (version 1.2.0) file I had since that update.

Re: Obduction Loading Times?

PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2016 9:47 pm
by Marten
Hey Bill,

Apparently your account vanishing was a precursor to a complete meltdown of Cyan's support system. It's now offline. ... 00#p424600

Bad news: Support system is broken.
Good news: It obviously wasn't anything personal. :lol: