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Obductees' Hood in URU live is back!

PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 8:38 am
by Acorn1
Back in November, Tai'lahr created a Hood in MOULa (URU live) for Obductees and their friends to join. It hosted such seminal events as a - no, THE - talk by RAWA,

With the recent URU server problems, the Hood was lost - but the good news is that it's back! Tai'lahr, Theo and I have just joined as the first members and we'd welcome everyone else returning too! If you'd like to join, please message us via the Forums or via Ki, and we can arrange to meet you and sign you up in cavern. Tai's Ki is 244423; Theo's is 99112 and my MOULa Ki is 57213. We also have Wamduskasapa, Ki 69106; and Mystdee, Ki 60406

(If you've not been back to MOULa since the server problems then you'll need to (re-)create your avatar first.)

There are no events planned yet - but maybe we can tempt Greydragon to drop in some time and show us baby photos tell us about progress :lol:

Edited - Tai's Ki was wrong, sorry :oops: Edited a second time to add Wam and Mystdee.