Women in Cyan

Re: Women in Cyan

Postby Tomala » Tue Aug 30, 2016 7:31 am

The game allows you to have a female or male shadow. Equality in the shadows yo.
I used to be an adventurer like you, then I found other games to play.
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Re: Women in Cyan

Postby CrisGer » Tue Aug 30, 2016 9:16 pm

Hopefully Holly you still check your thread and also hopefully you don't mind too much some of the posts, we have a wide range of people who have travelled along with Cyan and the community and they many of them love to share in Forums, sometimes nicely and full of great thought and feeling and sometimes rather harsh. It is like a slice of life :)

you clearly care and share from a place of caring so that is great to see. I tend to feel like others who have replied that the modern trend to polarize and push people apart based on categories is a sad sign of shallow thinking and usually for some agenda that causes conflict rather than happiness. Cyan has from the very start been very sensitive to human qualities, challenges pains and joys..not just for one sex or another but for people as people. Robyn and Rand Miller (and ryan) and all of Cyan which btw includes many brillilant people who are also women ;) ).... are very humane and kind people who would never ignore anyone or leave them out because of gender, indeed tho it may not be immediatly apparent, ladies figure deeply in the core story, if you ready the myst Stories and books you will see that.

So please keep visiting and travel along with us, and enjoy the Journey. And please don't mind the rather uh...well forward way that some people post here. Most of us are friendly and we really enjoy sharing our thoughts and feelinga and like having company in our journey. :)

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Re: Women in Cyan

Postby Annabelle » Mon Sep 05, 2016 2:51 pm

Hello Holly, Welcome here! :)

I didn't go through all the previous posts but let me tell you my stand on "female presence" in Cyan's game.

I think Cyan's games (Myst, Riven, End of Ages, URU, & Obduction) are well gender-balanced. I never felt left aside by the story because I'm a woman. In Myst, we don't see female NPCs (Non Playable Characters) but we feel the presence of 2 strong women story-wise, Ti'Ana, the grand-mother of Atrus, and Catherine, his wife and mother of their 2 sons. We are defined, as player, as "The Stranger", which is gender-neutral. So any which way we can look at that first game of Cyan, it fits everyone. The puzzle-solving part is gender-neutral too. Moving on to Riven now...

Riven is really driven by Catherine. Yes she's kept imprisoned by Atrus' evil father, Gehn but she is the central point of that game. She's the driving force. She's the one firmly holding the carpet under Gehn unsuspicious eyes. She does everything in her power to help us help her pull that carpet and put an end to Gehn. Atrus is there but not helping much, directing you in first stage but without giving you any clues and freeing Catherine at the end. Catherine took the time to free all the rivenese folks meanwhile so she's not the "passive princess in a faraway castle waiting for the prince to come and rescue her...". Yet again, you are "The Stranger", you are whoever you want to be. The puzzle-solving part is gender-neutral too.

Exile is the third installment in the Series but not coming from Cyan, I won't go there... ;) We do see Catherine and her new born baby, the lovely Yeesha though. The gameplay is gender-neutral. There's one age centred upon freeing a female bird from her entrapment to take care of her babies, we also have to interact with a small creature and we have to take a final decision based on our emotion. (For someone not willing to talk about it... :lol: ...)

Revelation is the fourth installment in the Series but not coming from Cyan. Strong female presence there, young girl but strong minded, Yeesha, daughter of Atrus and Catherine. Serenia Age is more emotion oriented age. There are not bolt, wire, mechanisms. Again, it's hard to set the line between female / male. There's no "female pole" and "male pole", it's a continuous spectrum where everyone is mixed up.

End of Ages (fifth installment) comes from Cyan. It's an odd game. It should have been URU 2 instead with 3rd person playability. I don't like it too much. The main NPC is painful!

URU is gender-neutral. You get the chance to create your own avatar. The first choice offered is "female". If you want to create a male avatar, you have to scroll down. That game is gender-neutral. It appeals to everyone. You have everything in that game. You mostly make up your own journey. You interact with some NPCs, a male, Zandi, and a female, Yeesha. The d'ni civilisation was male dominant so there were mostly Kings and Guildmasters. But if you look at their art, there are some nice representations of famous females.

Obduction is gender-neutral too. You can be a male or a female. The only real difference is in Kaptar, on the scale, the female character will weight 120 pounds, the male character will weight 160 pounds. Apart from that, the NPCs don't act different because you're a male or a female. That's important! Caroline Farley is a central character in the storyline. I don't want to spoil too much, but she got it right!

Cyan is a company that do understand women, but not only that, they are very inclusive of everyone. You have a little something for everyone. Some folks are more story-oriented, some are more puzzle-solving oriented, some are more exploration-oriented, etc. And like I said, there's no "female pole", "male pole", there's a continuous spectrum in which everyone finds his/her niche...

I prefer gender-neutral game where you can be yourself than camping a gender fixed role. Some will not be comfortable and walk away from such games. There are some exceptions but then I don't want conflicts or I want to be able to solve conflicts without the usage of weaponary or muscular force like Syberia, Syberia II, and the upcoming Syberia III or The Longest Journey, and Dreamfall. It's funny because all my examples include strong female characters... :lol: Anyway you get my point. ;)

And... in Cyan itself, there are strong females working there! Vicky and Hannah are really present and helpful when needed. If you solve "Obduction Easter Egg", the Soviet Box of "Infinite Complexity" :lol: :lol: you'll see there are few females in Cyan's staff including the 2 before-mentioned...
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