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Postby Tai'lahr » Fri Jun 24, 2016 8:59 pm

illu45 wrote:
AdamJohnso wrote:This looks like a relatively advanced spambot to me?

Not sure if you're serious, but I doubt that it's a spambot. It looks more like someone who:

1) Is a Cyan fan
2) Doesn't have English as their first language
3) Is fairly young, and therefore has a lot of ideas, many of which aren't realistic, as well as a lot of energy/time to spend posting on forums.

A lot of my students (particularly those whose English is weak) actually write similarly to the user.

Adam was probably being facetious, but I'm sure your assessment is right.
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Re: Does this not excite you all??

Postby Anna Catherine » Sun Jun 26, 2016 8:21 am

HollyBluebird wrote:If it was too stay just like Myst and keep it the way it is then they should be no open world? No Improvement? If it is shown that is helpful that having RPG extend the game even more then why not? Why not something different to extend the immersion?

The thing is, RPGs are not better, they're just different.

I like RPGs. I play both genres. Even so, I don't want every game in the world to be turned into an RPG even though I personally like them because I don't want every game to be the same. Diversity of game offerings is a good thing, not something we should be trying to squash.

To "extend the game" is not necessarily a good goal. It's generally best for adventure developers to say what they want to say in a strong, memorable arc rather than going off track in other directions or adding padding to prolong gameplay.

Why just attract just Puzzles lovers why not others who love hardcore simulation? :)

The same reason they're only trying to appeal to people who like playing games and not trying to have crossover appeal to people who, for example, like monster trucks: They're two different things which may or may not have the same audience and which, when forcibly combined, will likely please neither.

Puzzle game players may or may not even be interested in simulations. Simulation players may or may not be interested in puzzles. RPG players may or may not be interested in either.

Just throwing in a few more genres doesn't necessarily make a game better; it has the potential to turn the game into a muddled mess. Bringing in elements from different game types (especially when the developers themselves don't have a strong vision for it) does not automatically make the game appeal to more people; it can go the opposite direction and create a game that appeals to no one because it lacks a coherent direction.

The bottom line for me is: It's often better for a game to commit to doing a few things really well than to try to do everything halfway or by just throwing stuff in that people liked from other games and hoping something sticks. I would rather trust Cyan that they know what they're doing in their preferred genre than try to talk them into extending in directions they don't consider relevant to their product.

Have you seen this on Titanic its even better then the game you suggested so thanks for that! :)

That does look like a neat game, but it really has nothing to do with why I suggested the older Titanic game to you.

I suggested Adventure Out of Time because they attempted exactly what you are suggesting Cyan should do story-wise and it's in the same genre, so I find it a more useful point of comparison than, say, an Eidos action game. Adventure Out of Time works very well in some ways and falls very short in other ways, so I think it's a perfect example of both the potential and the limitations of branching player-driven storytelling in adventure games. I'm not just... trying to recommend cool historical games about the Titanic or something. There was a specific point to that recommendation that was relevant to the discussion. ;)
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