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Re: turntable in Maray

PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 1:53 pm
by Acorn1
Sven's video came out only yesterday, and I do not remember any of the things you say you saw, Texana - were you perhaps thinking of someone else's "let's play"? (There are indeed others.) Sven went through it all quite clearly and logically. He definitely doesn't talk about rotations other than factors of 90 degrees. :o

Re: turntable in Maray

PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 1:55 pm
by Christian Walther
Texana wrote:However, he was just as surprised as I was when the angle piece fell into place. He too found it odd that the angle piece didn't rotate at the same 90 degrees as the other parts.

Can you say at what time in the video you saw that? Because it all seemed very logical to me, and I didn’t get the impression that the narrator was ever surprised either.

I can’t say from experience whether the initial configuration of the maze is random as he suspected, but I’ll keep an eye on it next time I play.