How to post/PM in the forums (Join the Explorers Group!)

How to post/PM in the forums (Join the Explorers Group!)

Postby Hannah » Tue Aug 06, 2013 12:57 pm

All members of this forum must be a member of the "Explorers" user group to make a post or send a private message. This is an open group that will accept everyone that applies.
However, the group moderator must click "accept" on each request so there may be a delay as much as a couple days to get accepted as the group moderator works through the request list. If you have not been accepted after a couple days, send an email to [email protected].

Instructions to Join the Explorers group:
1) Log in to this forum.
2) Click on "User Control Panel" near the top left of the page.
3) Click on the "Usergroups" tab.
4) Select the "Explorers" group.
5) Select from the drop-down list "Join selected" (it may already be selected).
6) Press the "Submit" button.
7) Confirm your request on the next page by clicking "Yes".
8) Your request has now been sent, and now you just need to wait for the group moderator to accept your request.

Once you have been accepted into the group, you will be able to post in the forums.
You will get an email notification upon acceptance.

Note that there are some forums in which users are unable to post in regardless of their explorer group status:
- "Forum Rules & Announcements"
- "General Announcements"
- "Game Announcements"
All three of those forums are located under the "Cyan" tab. Only Cyan employees are allowed to post in them, but any user can read them.

If you still can't post even after you have been accepted into the explorer's group, please press "delete all board cookies" at the bottom of the forums page, press "yes" to confirm your selection, and try to post again. If that doesn't work, and you still can't post, please clear your browser's cache.

If doing that still doesn't let you post, please recheck to make sure you are in the explorers group. If you are listed as a member, please contact a board administrator or send an email to our webmaster account.
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