Myst masterpiece edition MacBook Air

Myst masterpiece edition MacBook Air

Postby Wyntrblue » Wed Apr 30, 2014 1:30 am

Hi guys,

Found the disk in a box and wanted to play it again only I don't have a CDROM drive.

Any ideas how I can install it without buying it again?

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Re: Myst masterpiece edition MacBook Air

Postby ArkhamNative » Wed Apr 30, 2014 3:03 am

Even with an optical drive, that game may be too old work. Apple removed the "classic" (Mac OS 9) support back in Mac OS X 10.6. Cheapest/easiest solution might be the new realMYST Masterpiece edition from Mac App Store or Steam. $18 versus unearthing at least a 6-year-old Mac (with working optical drive) and Mac OS X 10.4 or earlier installer discs.
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Re: Myst masterpiece edition MacBook Air

Postby korovev » Wed Apr 30, 2014 4:00 am

Alternatively, you could run it in an emulator, like SheepShaver. It’s a bit complicate to set up, but many old games run quite well.

Regarding the original question: I don’t see other solutions other than getting an external drive. It could come in handy anyway, for other similar situations.
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Re: Myst masterpiece edition MacBook Air

Postby Magic88889 » Fri Jun 20, 2014 11:30 am

Didn't the Air have the ability to 'borrow' another Mac's drive through your network? I seem to remember that being a feature implemented at some point. Don't remember how to implement it though.

Also, you could also take another mac, put it in target disk mode by holding the "T" key at startup. Then connect the two computers via a firewire cable (you may need adapters for this depending on the model Mac and the model Air you have).

You should then be able to access anything in the optical drive of the other mac from the Air.

But I agree, even if you do that it probably won't install. It's just too old. You're better off picking it up again. I've got somewhere around 6 different versions of Myst alone!
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