Obduction KS Campaign Information Links Collection

Obduction KS Campaign Information Links Collection

Postby Tai'lahr » Thu Nov 14, 2013 7:44 am

The Kickstarter Campaign to fund Obduction was exciting. We came together as a community to repay Cyan for the endless hours of entertainment and wonderful worlds they’ve given us over the years.

Assuming there are other fans like myself who want to maintain contact and easily find information which was posted during the campaign, I’ve assembled a collection of links below.

This is an on-going work-in-progress. Please post any new links or ones I may have missed. And, please help me to identify some of the wonderful fans whose names I may have missed when collecting their links.
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Re: Obduction KS Campaign Information Links Collection

Postby Tai'lahr » Thu Nov 14, 2013 7:45 am

Staying in Touch

Cyan Sites
Obduction Kickstarter Campaign
Cyan main website: Cyan, Inc.
Facebook: Cyan, Inc. & Pledge your support for OBDUCTION
Twitter: Cyan Inc. (cyanworlds) & Cyan (obduction)
Pinterest: Cyan (cyaninc)
Google+: Cyan
Chatroom: cyanchat
Kickstarter: Cyan, Inc.
Twitch: Cyan_Inc
MystOnline: UruLive

Fan Sites
Afternet Chatroom: obduction
Facebook: I love Obduction Game; Obduction - From the makers of Myst & Riven
Obducted.com by talldarkmystere
Wikipedia: Obduction (video game)
Waiting for Obduction! - a countdown site
Obduction world speculation forum thread (Caution: May Contain Spoilers)
Obductee's Hood in the D'ni Cavern
Celeste Masinter - Observing the Obducted

IC / RP Sites
"Welcome to Hunrath - Letters from Salazar Jack" - a journal compiled by Ainia

The Campaign

Campaign Community
Looking Forward to that Kickstarter ; ) forum thread
Obduction ARG
Kickstarter Comments Preserved by Janaba
Grassroots PR ideas and pics collected by Lorna Hartman
Thank You, Cyan by John Cosgrove
10th anniversary of a little game called Uru by Matt Giuca
Reason to Support Obduction: from a (literal) Friend of Cyan
Neil Patrick Harris tweet
Goal Reached!
Obductee's Hood in Uru just after goal was reached
Tex Murphy says: Congratulations Cyan Inc.!!! Onwards and upwards!
Obduction blog post by Mac_Fife
Waiting for Obduction! countdown clock by Michael R.

Cyan Communication
Kickstarter Updates
09/04 greydragon: Cyan Inc. and You!
10/17 Hannah on Cyan forum: Obduction
10/17 Rand Miller on Google+: Check out our new project Obduction and help make it happen on Kickstarter!
10/17 Reddit: Obduction is the new game by Cyan creators of Myst. Kickstarter is now live!
10/17 Keith Lord on Tumblr: Piece done for Cyan’s Obduction game
10/18 Rand & Robin answering online questions
11/06 Google+ Hangout: Meet Cyan's OBDUCTION Team
11/09 greydragon on Cyan forum: Kickstarter Backers
11/11 Cyan Inc. on Twitter: "The rock is hard, the rock-biter is patient." - D'ni proverb
11/12 YouTube: Obduction Kickstarter - Thank You!
11/13 Rand Miller @randomtweets: WOW!!!! Made it!!!
11/13 YouTube: Obduction Kickstarter - MADE IT!
11/16 Google+ Hangout: Obduction Kickstarter Countdown Party with the Team!
11/16 Myst Online: Uru Live: RAWA in the Obductee's Hood
11/16 Twitch: Ryan Warzecha and Lauren Hall-Stigerts in The "Ryan & Lauren Stream Myst Online: Uru Live" Show
11/16 Google+ Hangout: Countdown Hangout with M and M (Mimosas & Marys)
11/16 YouTube: Obduction End (and Beginning)
11/18 Facebook: Cyan encourages fans to vote for Neil Patrick Harris as Favorite Comedic TV Actor in the People's Choice Awards

[Reveal] Spoiler: Articles on Obduction & Kickstarter Campaign
Inlander: Exclusive details on Obduction — Cyan’s $1.1 million Kickstarter for a sci-fi Myst successor
Destructoid: Myst veterans launch Kickstarter for Obduction
The Spokesman-Review: Cyan close to two-thirds of its target $1.1 million Kickstarter game fund
Crowd Funding Forum: (Kickstarter) Obduction
The Verge: Return of the graphic adventure: 'Myst' is getting a successor 20 years later
In-Game Chat Welcomes: Cyan Worlds
The Mary Sue: All Hands On Deck: The Makers of Myst and Riven Are Crowdfunding A New Game
Just Adventure: Obduction Trailer, Screens, Art, Info
Polygon: Cyan launches Kickstarter for spiritual successor to Myst
VentureBeat: Myst creator Cyan aims for $1.1M goal on Kickstarter for its Obduction game
TechSpot: 'Myst' creator takes to Kickstarter to fund spiritual successor Obduction
EE Times: I Cannot Wait to Be Obducted!
Mashable: 7 Kickstarter Video Games We Can't Wait to Play
In-Game Chat: Season 7, Episode 38 (interview with Rand Miller)
Google+ Hangout: Meet Cyan's OBDUCTION Team
Gamasutra: Myst creators rejoin indie environmental games with Obduction
Polygon: How Myst's developer is returning to its roots with Obduction
Adventure's Planet: Facebook post
GameInformer: Cyan’s Rand Miller On Obduction And Keeping It Mysterious
GeekDad: Remember Myst and Riven? Cyan Kickstarter to Fund New Game Obduction
SpeedDemosArchive: From the creators of Myst and Riven...
Strata: The Fate Of Obduction May Fall Into Your Hands!
Associated-Press: Myst Creator Cyan Announces Strata 3D Obduction Kickstarter Level
IGN: Scale and Obduction Both Meet Kickstarter Goals
Polygon: Obduction surpasses Kickstarter goal
Inlander: How TV star Neil Patrick Harris helped Cyan fund its new video game, Obduction
Strategy Informer: Myst creator Cyan's new first person adventure Obduction makes $1.1M Kickstarter goal

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Re: Obduction KS Campaign Information Links Collection

Postby Mac_Fife » Thu Nov 14, 2013 11:09 am

For some odd reason I didn't think to do this before now, but I just posted a blog on Obduction - http://www.mac-fife.me.uk/uru-blogs/19-obduction
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Re: Obduction KS Campaign Information Links Collection

Postby MoP » Fri Nov 15, 2013 3:00 am

That's by Marein Könings (You can see the comment here)

Maybe a good idea to change the link to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQLZzwFS3rs&t=49m10s, so it jumps right to the Rand segment?

Tai'lahr wrote:Obduction.com by talldarkmystere

I think You meant "Obducted.com" here.

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Re: Obduction KS Campaign Information Links Collection

Postby Tai'lahr » Fri Nov 15, 2013 4:35 am

Wohba, MoP! Great catches there. All fixed, now. Thanks so much for taking the time to find them and post the correct information.

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Re: Obduction KS Campaign Information Links Collection

Postby Tai'lahr » Sun Nov 17, 2013 4:27 am

Lorna Hartman's Obduction PR ideas/pics document as of the end of the campaign:
[Reveal] Spoiler: Obduction PR ideas/pics
Grassroots PR ideas and pics--add links and ideas to this list
Hello Cyan: Some of these suggestions are for us, some for you. Use whatever is useful to you. For us, this should be all the images we can use and some of the ideas for publicity.
Where did everybody first find out about Obduction? Spread the word!
List of all major links relating to the Obduction campaign (thank you Tai’lahr!): viewtopic.php?f=5&t=118

1. @Christina Hawkes has made a printable B&W “tear-off” flyer at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/192 ... flier2.pdf ← any chance to get this to say "November" for those who don't use US date format? Please and thanks.
2. @Matthew Lyles Hornbostel made a fan poster http://www.mystfanart.net/obduction-fan-poster.jpg
3. "I love Obduction" FB fan page: https://www.facebook.com/ObductionGameHub
4. @Tom Van Der Spek made a photo book available as a free pdf download: http://www.mijnbestand.nl/Bestand-IUSHSLVVBTQV.pdf
5. Colony of Gamers interview w/Rand completed: http://www.colonyofgamers.com/cogforums/showthread.php
6. @James Andrew Wodehouse made a fan poster: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/ ... 6sjbxn.jpg
7. @BJ Homer is offering programming/coding services for donations to this project. http://bjhomer.blogspot.com/2013/10/wil ... edges.html
8. @Bob made a Crowdfunding discussion page: http://crowdfundingforum.com/showthread ... -Obduction
9. @Dimitrios posted a tribute to the whole Myst series that can be posted on social media: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8npW85PW0s
10. @Marein Konings posted a whole DeviantArt section by a fan on Obduction art: http://www.deviantart.com/?q=obduction
11. @Eric Hickman posted: "I will edit and help anyone produce a video for their business or organization in exchange for giving to this project! For more info, just send me an email at: [email protected] I also do layout and graphic design work as well!"
12. Update #7 has the wallpapers that can be used in various ways
13. @Derrick linked to UE advertising Obduction! - When Cyan makes a game .. the Engine promotes THEM! : https://plus.google.com/116891938274887211077/posts Link directly to the post: https://plus.google.com/+unrealengine/posts/Agt4f4wAz7S
14. @Evan Smith posted a gorgeous black background flyer but it has been taken down now. Evan, could you re-post that somewhere for us to use? If that's OK with you.
15. @Chris made a backer poster: http://i.imgur.com/VB04uwP5.png. and 3 backer images:
16. @Seba posted a backer image: https://imageshack.com/i/mkfuewp
17. Several people have suggested articles to publications or reporters they know.
18. I suggested live-tweeting the last little bit of this campaign. Someone mentioned that Kickstarter may do its own recording of the end of campaigns. Also common: live feed the last few hours. Interviews, Q&As with the fans, "shoe on head!", whatever. Actually, shoeonhead!Rand would do it.
19. One person suggested that Cyan should link this campaign to its FB page. Kickstarter campaigns can only be linked to personal FB pages, not other types of FB pages.
20. Someone suggested Reddit, separate from that initial AMA. http://reddit.com/r/obduction
21. Zachary posted Cyan's Pinterest page, full of images: http://www.pinterest.com/cyaninc/
22. @Salvo posted about tweeting to Geek & Sundry. (This campaign was successful, and Geek & Sundry RT’d one of the backer tweets!)
23. @Adam Morgan is offering script analysis services for donations. See his post at http://adammorganauthor.com/2013/10/23/ ... you-notes/ and contact him at [email protected].
24. @Joseph Garnsey has two specials. First, he’s offering free tanning at his salon for a minimum $25 pledge. Second, he sold 6 Riven Moiety daggers on eBay for $100 each. Four buyers bought them, and three of those four didn’t know about Obduction previously. Three are now Obduction backers totaling $340. 140 people saw the auction info about Obduction. Lesson learned: Use your business to promote Obduction if possible and consider auctioning your Myst items for awareness!
25. @Carol Woodward printed postcards with the word OBDUCTION against the poster background. For that term, the top search engine hit is this project, and nothing piques people's interest like a 'MYST'ery.
26. @Rachel Anne Parsons suggested going through old contact lists and alerting all our old Myst series and URU contacts.
27. @Rachel Anne Parsons suggests an Obduction banner at ferry terminal or city proper.
28. @Tom van der Spek suggested ways Cyan could fill in pledge levels. His ideas included:
Soundtrack on CD in a case with a colored booklet, which has details about the composers, the tracks, and pictures of the game, a softcover and/or hardcover strategy guide for Obduction, and a softcover and/or hardcover book 'Art of Cyan'
29. @Nila Mu’Hari wrote a little personal note about 'Obduction' and sent it to the bboard at work, knowing there were lots of original Myst fans there.
[email protected] Karjala suggested that Cyan include copies of past Myst games and/or the new realMyst as part of new rewards levels.
31. Christina Hawkes traced a vector version of the seed logo Cyan released as a pumpkin stencil: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/192 ... edlogo.svg
32: J.B. Lewis created a flyer for display: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9D0CYG ... sp=sharing
33. @Horatio compiled several profile image graphics from @Marein’s seed artwork, @Christina’s B&W seed artwork, and @Salvo’s photoshop template. Can be used for Kickstarter, Facebook, Twitter, etc. http://flic.kr/s/aHsjM61kJy
34. Christina offered custom Myst pendants for $100 and donating 90% of the proceeds: http://rivenwanderer.deviantart.com/art ... -411752982 GONE!
35. @Salvo Ludus Created a backer pack with icons, banners, and profile pictures: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/314 ... %20Kit.zip
36. @Salvo Ludus is maintaining a twitter list called Obduction Community. Please tweet him at @SalvoLudus if you’d like to join. Here’s a link to the list: https://twitter.com/SalvoLudus/lists/ob ... -community
37. CYAN asked fans to try and get in touch with “celebrities” who are fans of the Myst series, and let them know they can contact Cyan if they are interested. A good first step would be to start a list of people who have proclaimed themselves to be Myst fans, and then try and reach out to them via Twitter / E-mail (We should not spam! Maybe just two or three efforts per person) I will list what I know so far:

Neil Patrick Harris: Someone said they tweeted him Succes! He tweeted about Obduction and created an avalanche of backers!
Adam Savage: Someone said they tweeted him
Tycho of Penny Arcade: I sent him an e-mail← One person should tweet him as well
Neil Gaiman: Has been tweeted at
Notch! Someone get to Notch! ←Has anyone tweeted or emailed notch? Ahlisendar @AlexSpaceOrgan tweeted Notch, but did not receive a response.
Pretty sure Double Fine has a whole lot of followers too. Tim or the official account?
Neal Stephenson, double status author and Kickstarter
Tommy Tallarico of VGL.
Jack Wall retweeted the Kickstarter link to his followers.
What about all the VR people? Oculus and Omni and STEM and such. They're all doing updates and none of them have delivered yet so their people are reading up.
This would take some doing, but Conan O'Brien does that "Clueless Gamer" thing so he might retweet on the basis of being a totally clueless gamer. Bonus points for someone getting Myst/Riven/Obduction demo on the show.
Peter Gabriel did the voice of the spirit guide and the song “Curtains” in Myst IV: Revelation. Tweeted, but it’s getting close to midnight so he might not see.
Any others?
Somebody mentioned Jeff Dunham being a fan of Myst.
Robin Williams was mentioned in this old forum post from 2003 as was the Simpsons crew: http://www.mystcommunity.com/board/inde ... ge__st__25
Carol Woodward (Noelani) tweeted a bunch of people http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cya ... nt-5103450
How about David Wingrove, who wrote the Myst novels? @ChungKuoTweets

38. If possible, can Cyan/the fans poke news sites again? Sometimes they do a "end of campaign" story, even if just a short one. Applies to "general" gaming news sites like joystiq and adventure games hubs like mixnmojo.
39. What about radio? Internet or local. Should be possible to get a spot for either an ad or an interview. Especially the local Spokane stuff.

40. @Geoff Lingham made some notes about his Facebook and Google Adwords campaigns for Obduction - the settings used and the actual results.
They can be downloaded from Google Drive at:
https://docs.google.com/folderview?id=0 ... DRrWm85X28

41. All the Obduction Kickstarter comments have been preserved in .zip archive files by janaba1. To get the latest link to the archives scroll down to the bottom of the replies in this post on the Cyan Forums :


42. All the web links to all content related to Obduction and the Kickstarter campaign have been collected together by Tai'lahr in this post on the Cyan Forums:


43. @James Andrew Wodehouse (Bewley) created a beautiful congrats poster of an Obductee wearing an Oculus Rift VR headset when the $1.3M funding goal was achieved:

http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/ ... 6uf67w.jpg

Games/Developers Who Have Supported Obduction
(To thank and perhaps support reciprocally after our own Kickstarter is done.)

Bungie (Halo and others)
Tweeted about Obduction
Jonathan Blow: Braid and The Witness (being worked on with Eric Anderson)
Tweeted about Obduction
Seventh Guest 3: The Collector (has active Kickstarter)
Gave Obduction a shout-out in their updates. Rob Landeros is also a backer.
Bolt Riley: A Reggae Adventure Game (has active Kickstarter)
Gave Obduction a shout-out in their updates.
CloudHead Games: The Gallery: Six Elements (raising money for stretch goals)
Backed Obduction
Mat “Cubase” Van Rhoon (Tex Murphy: The Tesla Effect)
Backed Obduction
The Dream Machine
Tweeted about Obduction
Sandswept Studios: The Lingering Dead and Detour
Tweeted about Obduction
Richard Garriott: Ultima Online, Shroud of the Avatar
Backed and tweeted about Obduction
Epic games
Google+ post about Obduction (but they make Unreal, so it’s in their interest)
October 24 Facebook post about Obduction on the Unreal Engine Facebook page
Provided tier rewards and promoted Obduction on their website
Don Manalili: You Are Not the Hero (Kickstarter ended, Paypal funding ongoing)
Backed and promoted Obduction in a Kickstarter Update

Prominent People Who Have Supported Obduction
(To keep a log because it’s just cool to see)

Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother, Dr. Horrible, Doogie Howser)
Tweeted about Obduction
John Hodgman (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Areas of My Expertise)
Retweeted about Obduction
Steve Zissou (fictional character)
Tweeted about Obduction
Trisha Hershberger (SourceFed)
Backed and Tweeted about Obduction
Geek & Sundry:
Tweeted about Obduction
Ethan Gilsdorf (Geekdad):
Wrote a blog post about Obduction
Colony of Gamers
Interviewed Rand about Obduction on their show “In-Game Chat.”
Youtube video coverage
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Re: Obduction KS Campaign Information Links Collection

Postby Visian_Thistle » Wed Nov 27, 2013 6:29 pm

Hi guys. I've been making haste to get a blog up and running in the past couple of weeks, partly because I wanted to write and post a retrospective on the KickStarter. I thought it would be good to have a history of what happened in narrative form, and I wanted to be able to explain it to friends who weren't involved in some better way than awkwardly mumbling, "Well there was this video game fundraiser and it was really cool and, er, yeah." This seems like the best place to link it ... I hope you like it.

Part I is a description of how Cyan's games impacted my youth, along with a little bit of history about Cyan itself. Part II is the narrative of what happened during the campaign, from my perspective as someone involved. (I mention several other backers by name ... sorry if you weren't included, I was just trying to call out a few examples and didn't have time to remember and list everyone). Part III contains my personal opinions about the possible significance of the KickStarter as an event.

Part I
Part II
Part III

I do want this to be an accurate history, so if you run across any errors (or other stupidities like broken links) please let me know.
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