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Potential Myst TV Show Concept (How it could work!)

PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 3:05 pm
by Yali
So I've come up with basic concept and outline for the Myst TV show that I believe would be cancelproof as well as marketable while staying true to the lore.

The thing is, Myst has great source material, between the novels, the in-game journals and the environments (that tell their own stories) that I think it would be daft to ignore the great backstory in favor of something new.

The one element which I believe is fullproof and will seal the deal with audiences is the characters. Game of Thrones proved that great characters can make a show, especially when you follow their journeys, physically and psychologically, throughout an epic series. In GoT certain characters that were hated at first grew to be fan favorites because so much of their psyche was developed with richness and allowed to change and evolve within the show's story.

Myst has great characters itself that are just crying to be fleshed out and given their due on the screen.

Here is a rough outline of how I think Legendary should plan the series:

Season 1: Book of Ti'Ana

The greatest story IMO in the Myst saga and a fantastic way to open the curtains on the rich universe of Terokh Jeruth.

It begins in the desert with the death of Anna's father and the discovery of the caverns. Here we follow her journey down through the tunnels into the heart of D'ni. We could see her learning the language and becoming immersed in their culture, meeting Aitrus and falling in love.

To balance this we get the pivotal story of Veovis, who is in many ways the second main character. We see his rise to fame, his pride, his beauty, and the interpersonal dynamics he shares with Aitrus and then Ti'Ana causing all sorts of drama in a very GoT dialoguey kind of way.

One real important element that the show should strive for is to follow all major characters as if they were main characters and show us their interactions with others, behind the backs of our two main good guys (Aitrus and Anna). This helps us empathize and grow fond of our characters. I could see the rabid Veovis fanclub coming, or the punkish A'Gaeris fanboys for that matter. The point is that its important to get viewers invested in the story through the characters and the best way to do this is with a large amount of equal side stories for each major character, just like Game of Thrones does it.

We see Aitrus develop as a character, his relationship with Veovis deteriorate and Veovis' jealousy grow. We see D'ni society at its zenith, the death of Lord Rakeri, Aitrus and Ti'Ana writing Gemedet and the rise of A'Gaeris' trickery through his framing of Veovis.

So towards the end of the season we experience Veovis' fall from grace and Ti'Ana's saving of him from potential imprisonment. This is the most focal moment in the entire saga. It is this moment which ultimately sets the Myst story in motion.

Gehn is born and schooled (who will become much more important later) and its here that we begin his story arc.

Ya yada yada, Veovis comes back with A'Gaeris and destroys D'ni . A'gaeris should be fleshed out with his own story to show how bitter and creepy he is and how ill conceived his revenge plan is against all of D'ni. A'Gaeris is the Ramsay Bolton of Myst. Rather than grow out of his failures, he groes sour inward and takes out his anger and hatred on his society.

In the end Veovis redeems himself before death, Ti'Ana escapes and we all know what happens to Aitrus.

Season 2: Book of Atrus

We all know how this starts, don't we? Paralleling season one's start, it begins with Gehn burying Keta in the Cleft and leaving Atrus to Anna. Cue timelapse, Atrus is now a young boy in the desert. We hear Anna's famous words "What do you see Atrus?" Atrus' cat story happens and then finally we see Atrus' battery experiment and his unveiling of the D'ni civilization and his past.

Gehn shows up, takes Atrus, and this gives us a great way to experience D'ni in the aftermath of the Fall through Atrus' virgin eyes, discovering a mysterious long dead civilization.

Book of Atrus is really a story all about isolation. A father and son alone in the vast ruins of an empty empire, rediscovering what once was. Its an experience of cabin fever between Atrus and Gehn.

Cue the Age 37 story mid-season which leads to Atrus beginning to doubt his father, and the more the story progresses, the further down the spiral of madness and darkness Atrus falls. This leads to Atrus' escape and his ultimate imprisonment which will last a good 40 years or so.

Towards the end of the season we see the story of Riven begin. Atrus is tasked with fixing Gehn's broken 5th Age and here he meets Katran who he develops a relationship with. Anna returns and the final moment of the season is the opening of the Star Fissure and the entrapment of Gehn. Cue Myst intro.

Season 3: Book of Brothers

This season starts off on a positive and calm note. Atrus, Catherine and Ti'Anna are on Myst Island living out their lives in the wake of the fall of D'ni and the imprisonment of Gehn. Atrus is trying to keep his father at bay and is experimenting with the art to learn its full potential. We see Atrus' early explorations such as on Stoneship, the Tide, Mechanical, Everdunes. By his side is Catherine who is now raising Sirrus and Achenar who are young boys. Atrus introduces his sons to his ages and begins involving them in his experiments and projects.

Meanwhile Anna is still in good health and caring for the boys as well, telling them stories about the ages of D'ni and the art. At some point, perhaps in the third episode, Catherine writes an age which the family explores but Ti'Ana catches an unknown disease and falls ill. The family becomes troubled and Atrus becomes consumed with saving his mentor Anna. It is to no good and Anna passes. Atrus succumbed by grief turns to his writing to fend off the loss and becomes distant from his family.

The boys grow and begin exploring Atrus' ages for themselves or doing tasks for Atrus while he is absent. They see the influence they possess over the inhabitants of the ages who revere them as gods, especially among more primitive civilizations. With Atrus absent they begin to want his power, to learn the Art. Atrus realizing it is time to educate his sons, writes the lesson ages and begins teaching his sons the rules of writing ages. However, Sirrus and Achenar, now having been on their own for so long go behind their father's back to do what they please.

One day on Mechanical while sailing the seas, they are captured by a demonic-looking vessel. A large ship decked in skulls, bones and vulgar bodies. These are the Black Ships Atrus had encountered on Mechanical a few episodes prior.

The Black Ship overlords show Sirrus and Achenar the riches and power they could obtain by living their code. Secretly after their lessons on J'nanin, they meet on Mechanical and immerse themselves in the culture of the Black Ships. Fine dining and brutality became commonplace after spending extended time with their new friends.

They devise a plan, an evil plan, to enslave the ages of Atrus and take their bounty for themselves. To accomplish this they will make a pact with the Black Ships. They bring a slew of linking books to the Black Ship overlords and plan a series of attacks.

Behind Atrus' back they begin plundering the ages one after one. They plan to rid themselves of Atrus and finalize their takeover. They remove one page from his Myst linking book and send Catherine to Riven where (surprise) Gehn captures her! Atrus had already placed the Red and Blue books in the library and warned his sons not touch them, which peaked their curiosity immensely. Atrus then scattered the pages of said books across his four remaining ages when he uncovered his sons deeds. He links to D'ni to find his wife but realizes that he is trapped.

With Atrus gone, Sirrus and Achenar turn to Narayan where they had previously studied. They convince the Narayani to abandon their traditions and this causes a civil war. Finally they link in with the Black Ship navy and plunder the age. Saavedro escapes and is trapped on J'nanin where he is beaten by the brothers. With Narayan under their control they link back to Myst to celebrate by exploring the two forbidden books. They are trapped within the void.

Season 4: Myst and Riven

This season begins with the Myst book falling through the starry expanse and landing in the desert. Where is unknown? The book is discovered by traveling merchants and brought to a desert market. Here we meet our protagonist [Insert Stranger character]. Who is traveling to the market to buy some goods. Here he/she is shown the Myst book by a toothless merchant. Mesmerized by the moving visions within the book, he/she purchases it and returns to his/her home in the desert. Here he/she uses it and links to the island.

Cue meeting the brothers. Cue solving some puzzles to get to the first age. Our protagonist arrives on Stoneship where he/she meets Will. Will explains that two people chased him and his friends, Emmit and Branch out to sea where they hoped to drown them. Emitt and Branch were not so lucky but Will survived. Our protagonist then uncovers the brothers chambers and the pages. Will follows our stranger back to Myst where he details the story of Atrus discovering them. The two of them link to Channelwood and solve the puzzles uncovering the abandoned monkey city. This leads them to search for other islands for survivors. Eventually they meet [Insert Monkey character name here]. Now the three of them tackle Mechanical where they (duh) solve puzzles and meet the old man. The old man tells the story of the Black Ships and the two people who lead them to another Age. Finally there is Selenitic. Cue Mazerunner.

Meanwhile we see the development of Gehn and his relationship with Catherine and the Moiety. We see Gehn feeding the Rivenese rebels to the wahrk, the construction of the mag-lev and Katran's dealings with the rebels. Here we really develop her character as the warrior princess of the Rivenese. She writes Tay from Gehn's failed experiment which we see many of, and we see the eventual development of the rebels into an armed force.

Gehn we see as tirelessly trying to rebuild his losses - the D'ni Empire, his power, his hold over Riven, escaping the age to "deal" with his son. I'm seeing him being fleshed out much like Tywin Lannister. The old, pragmatic patriarch who you can't help but love despite all his actions

Eventually our protagonist disobeys the brothers and finds and frees Atrus from K'veer. The brothers' books are burned, sending them to Haven and Spire respectfully.

Now cue the second half of the season... Riven.

Our trio of characters are now sent to Riven to capture Gehn. They (once again) solve puzzles, find Tay, meet the Moeity, meet Catherine, organize a resistance force and carry out attacks on Gehn's bases of operation, meet Gehn himself. Cue famous speech. Capture him. Free Catherine. Star Fissure. End season.

Season 5: Book of D'ni

This season begins with Atrus escaping his K'veer chamber with the help of the Averonese. The rediscovery of D'ni and the search for survivors. Ultimately we all know what happens. Atrus finds Terahnee. Cue crazy awesome visuals of paradise age with huge cities. Cue great adventure. Cue famous maze. Eventually Atrus uncovers Terahnee's issues (thinking themselves gods) and organizes a slave revolt, capitulating their government and renaming the age Devokan.

Meanwhile we see the brother's psychological journey on their respective prison ages. Achenar goes all wild and begins killing things. The confrontation with the Cerpatee. Sirrus begins looking for food and searching for the Myst book.

Towards the end of the season we see the writing of Releeshahn, a new age for the reborn D'ni Civilization and the birth of (gasp!) Yeesha.

Season 6 and 7: Book of Marrim/Exile

Basically this season intersperses what the brothers are doing on Haven and Spire (Achenar repopulates Mangrees, Sirrus can't find Myst book) with the as-of-yet to be finished book by Rand along with our trio of strangers going to the lesson ages to return Releeshahn and freeing Saavedro. We're waiting on you Rand! :D

Season 8: Revelation

This season begins with the brothers lead-up to their escape. Sirrus builds his bomb factory. Achenar goes all soft and starts to get to know Yeesha. We see Sirrus sculpting his family's portrait in crystal. Catherine and Atrus trying to reconnect with their sons.

Our trio of strangers is tasked with seeing if Sirrus and Achenar deserve to be freed. We all know what happens. Sirrus escapes and frees Achenar. Yeesha goes missing. Our trio arrives on Spire and Haven and eventually Serenia. As we all know, the brothers perish.

Meanwhile, we intersperse this with the developments of Atrus on Rime, Catherine on Tay, Marrim on Releeshahn, and Achenar and Sirrus fighting between each other.

Season 9: Book of Yeesha

It begins much like season's 1 and 2. Yeesha goes off in the desert to descend to D'ni and meets Calam. Calam is killed. We meet Antagonist (Kadish?). Yeesha discovers of the Bahro. Yeesha uncovers her writing potential. Yeesha discovers the writings of the Watcher and begins to wonder if she is the prophesied Grower. Yeesha meets Esher. The quest for the tablet occurs and both of them fail. Yeesha then decides that she will "bring" them to D'ni. End of season.

Season 10 and 11: Book of Uru (split)

Season opens with Dr. Richard A. Watson (played by John Rhys Davies no doubt) meeting Elias Zandi in his home in New Mexico for the reveal of the century. Elias tells Watson about the D'ni and asks that Watson investigate the city. Watson and the two Zandi's venture down to D'ni and uncover the linking books and Catherine's journals. Watson becomes mesmerized by the the vast D'ni Empire and the power of the Art and signs on to become D'ni's official historian.

Cue the forming of the DRC. John "Fighting Branch" Loftin dies. The DRC begin excavating the ruins. We meet Douglas Sharper and his new home, Teledahn. People begin venturing down to the city with the help of Jeff Zandi. Yeesha begins to hand out Relto books to explorers. The events of Prologue occur. DRC looses funding. Explorers begin to venture into unknown ages and areas of the city. Watson completes the Journey of the Tablet and frees the Bahro. All fiery abyss breaks loose. The Bahro war occurs. Wheely dies. Explorers begin writing their own ages and restoring ages and sections of the city. The lake algae comes back to full brightness. Yeesha makes herself known. Kadish returns? Releeshahn discovered? D'ni is reborn again. Atrus returns. The art becomes liberated from the constraints of the old code. The climax occurs. The art becomes widespread. End of series.

So that's how I think they should do it. It allows the viewer to become invested in each character's story arc and see the death of D'ni leading to its ultimate rebirth and freedom from its past and past mistakes (i.e pride, rules). Myst is essentially a massive epic in the classic sense. This is why it needs to be delivered with justice and attention to its characters and overarching story arc about death and redemption.

So what do you all think? :)

Re: Potential Myst TV Show Concept (How it could work!)

PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2015 3:16 am
by KathAveara
I like the concept, but I really do not want to see a face put to the Stranger.

Re: Potential Myst TV Show Concept (How it could work!)

PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2015 4:05 am
by korovev
These are at least three or four series (Ti’ana, Atrus, Yeesha, Watson), not just seasons; Games of Thrones still has a ‘unity of time/place’ of sort. Also, coming from bestseller novels, GoT can afford having lots of characters and going on a tangent; the Myst novels, not so much.

The Aitrus/Atrus homophony could also be a problem in a non-textual medium, considering there aren’t that many characters (“Didn’t he die in the first series? – No, it’s another Atrus. – Wasn’t Gehn the father of Aitrus? – No, it’s another Gehn”).

That, and I doubt they’re looking for screenplay suggestions :mrgreen:

Re: Potential Myst TV Show Concept (How it could work!)

PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2015 7:10 am
by Yali
Well considering that Lord of the Rings was basically a 12 hour movie and Game of Thrones has roughly a 10 season arc of 10 one hour episodes each season, I think its feasible to truly do each novel in full, much more than a Hollywood film could.

Kath, I'm not keen on seeing a face to the stranger either, however Myst and Riven are such huge parts of the saga that its kind of hard to bypass them. Also, most rumours about the show seem to indicate it will portray the stranger on Myst Island (unfortunately. I'd rather they start with Ti'Ana and do the Myst story later).

Re: Potential Myst TV Show Concept (How it could work!)

PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2015 12:06 pm
by Magic88889
I still think they should tell a new story, rather than going back and rehashing old ideas. I think for this going back to the beginning would be cool. Tell the story of Ri'neref and the first days of the D'ni. After a while, they could switch to the next king, and so on till we hit the fall of D'ni. That would keep the show fresh over a long run. Obviously not every king would have an interesting story, but the tides of religious conflict and political maneuvering would help keep the audience interested even with the weak kings.

I don't know if that would work. I've always just wanted to see the fall of the Ronay and the rise of the D'ni. There's a lot about that period that we still don't know.

Re: Potential Myst TV Show Concept (How it could work!)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 12:08 pm
by korovev
But again, both The Lord of the Ring and Game of Thrones have, more or less, unity of time. In the Myst storyline there are 3–4 time skips (the Fall, the Myst games, Yeesha’s time with Calam, the present), or more if you consider the times before the Fall. They’re more like the Dune novels, related but spaced.

Exile and Revelation storylines are also probably off-limits, because of legal rights.

I agree it would be more interesting to see something new. The Council period is for the most part a great unknown, and possibly more interesting than the Kings’ period. Or the Garternay times, how the Art was discovered/invented.

Re: Potential Myst TV Show Concept (How it could work!)

PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 11:36 pm
by Graizur
I'm only 3 paragraphs into your season 1.

I have a question, on pivoting the story in the romantic relationship between Anna and Aitrus, do you want all those girls to have company watching that show? And if they have company, would you like those kind iced out by romance to have something to root for in the series? I think the better focal point is Anna's character. The romance only holds value as a conduit for a worthy protagonist. Plus the character traits can keep going to follow through to other books.
Reading on..
A'Gæris, that's The Philospher, I always imagined him like Gargamel.

Ok, again, by using Anna's character as a pivot, we quest into where she decides to save Veovis, and when her character is such a focal point "Just doing the right thing" isn't enough, so here it is

I was imagining Aitrus and Veovis friendship not very good actually. But because D'ni has such healthy traditions, because they are so long lived, and because regulation of energy and stability are so highly valued, both are able to profit from knowing each other, and even enjoy the banter at times. But Veovis completely missing the point of love should be making itself obvious from the weave of his dialogue. He should be pretty much a racist (hmm I was going to say fascist, but Autocorrect felt like joining in) anyway, if he's pretty much a racistfascist, and Anna as a real distaste for Veovis, greater than Aitrus, because she comes from a place where Fascists can be a real threat. Aitrus, the rest of D'ni are tone deaf to Veovis's cruelty. Veovis himself is tone deaf to how much he is exposing about himself by his politicals. The only person besides Anna who sees Veovis's exposure is The Philospher, who sees the risk only, he himself is tone deaf to Veovis's utter selfishness, what will ultimately reveal itself as his Betrayer-ability. This is what kills him.

I think wats going to be a recurring them is eyes.
Aitrus's eyes looking at whatever Age he has to live on for the rest of his days, Anna's eyes , young, looking over the dessert, down into the darkness, out across the golden daylight of D'ni, and old again, at a young Atrus and Flame in the dessert.

I'm only at the yardda yardda yadda.

Re: Potential Myst TV Show Concept (How it could work!)

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 4:07 pm
by Ainia
*If* they focus on the Book of Ti'ana events, I would hope they explore the hinted undercurrent of Veovis' conflicted feelings about Ti'ana.

My money is on Veovis being something of a tragic Mr. Darcy to Ti'ana's Elizabeth Bennett (with some obvious major differences with Austen's storyline since there is no happy ending for Veovis).

My point is only that the two sets of characters have some striking similarities in personality and attitudes; and that I see Veovis as finding himself attracted to Ti'ana and struggling with how this flew in the face of his D'ni upper-class racism as well as his friendship with Aitrus.

(Such an interesting little off-center love triangle, especially considering that Ti'ana wasn't attracted to Veovis. ;-))

Re: Potential Myst TV Show Concept (How it could work!)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:42 am
by Yali
Heh, funny you bring that up... I've always seen a much more complicated love triangle between Aitrus, Veovis and Anna. Veovis has always seemed to really harbor resentment towards Aitrus in a way that's kind of suggestive of some hidden feelings there, at least that's how it's always read to me since I first read BoT when I was 12 or 13.

This is the kind of stuff the Myst fandom talks about endlessly on tumblr. It would be cool to develop this dynamic further. Myst has always had a severe lack of {nice person} representation oddly enough, considering how many lgbt fans of the series I've met. In fact I've noticed that Myst skews much more lgbt/female/older audiences than most gaming fandoms which are predominantly young male centric.

I mean seriously, its a series all about design and interior decorating with strong female leads... I'm really not surprised I became a fan. :lol: :mrgreen:

Edit: Um, how is "nice person" a swear word? :?:

Re: Potential Myst TV Show Concept (How it could work!)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 5:14 pm
by KathAveara
I've always seen Aitrus and Veovis as childhood rivals who eventually grew close as adults. Their later tension was a direct result of Veovis refusing to accept Anna's integration into D'ni society (probably a deep-seated belief that surface-dwellers could not be as culturally advanced as we are, also apparent in his conflicting feelings towards Anna - he sees she's actually a very decent person, which is at odds with his expectations)

Re: Potential Myst TV Show Concept (How it could work!)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 9:46 pm
by Graizur
Veovis is can easily be jealous of Ti'anna's fame in D'ni, he could be jealous that Aitrus becomes important to D'ni through Ti'anna. I imagine that Veovis is the kind of guy that takes credit for his friends accomplishments.

Imagine Veovis thinking so highly of himself,
Veovis :"You know, Aitrus, I put in a good word for you with my father's friends. They will definitely consider you to Survey for The Great Tunnel project"
Aitrus: "Sure buddy".

But then Ti'anna comes in, becomes The Famousness, starts up a relationship with Aitrus, then Aitrus becomes significant to deciding what D'ni will do with Ti'anna, Aitrus becomes a significant character to what D'ni will do with the surface.

Doesn't Veovis live on like one of the biggest islands in the cavern. Doesn't his Dad own a car dealership!?

Anna fills a huge void in D'ni's development as to what they will do next. Veovis easily sees himself as D'ni's favorite son. To have a foreign woman come in and become the trigger to D'ni's next evolution would be an affront, in Veovis's eyes, to D'ni's self determination. It would seem so righteous. He would be the hero, in his own eyes, coming through for D'ni in a key moment in history. His head is swimming with the stories they will tell about how he took ahold of the pen and corrected and perfected D'ni.

And the Philosopher would twist this desire into a dead D'ni. A blank page. A new beginning.

The bodies.

The bodies.

Re: Potential Myst TV Show Concept (How it could work!)

PostPosted: Fri Jul 31, 2015 10:14 am
by Baladria
KathAveara wrote:I've always seen Aitrus and Veovis as childhood rivals who eventually grew close as adults. Their later tension was a direct result of Veovis refusing to accept Anna's integration into D'ni society (probably a deep-seated belief that surface-dwellers could not be as culturally advanced as we are, also apparent in his conflicting feelings towards Anna - he sees she's actually a very decent person, which is at odds with his expectations)

This. I don't think they were trying extremely hard to put in hidden meanings like Veovis is in love with Aitrus. I think it's pretty clear that's not the case with A'gaeris's off-handed question to Veovis: "Why do you want her? She could never love you. Not while you have Aitrus." (Going off memory with that one, so I'm not sure if I quoted it correctly.) I remember finding that a bit out of left field, unless we get imaginative with what happened between them when he took her home after she confronted him about where Aitrus was. :? We should be careful not to over-analyze.

Re: Potential Myst TV Show Concept (How it could work!)

PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2015 8:49 pm
by Graizur
Anna's primary motivation is modernity, her own personal freedom, to be treated as an equal in her new society, to continue her studies and to contribute to her new society.

Veovis' main motivation is to retaliate against anything that offends his pride.

The Philosopher's motivation is to shake off the limitations of the D'ni empire so he can farm the multiverse for ego food.

Aitrus main motivation is to Survey, to explore, to sound out, to test for veracity. Aitrus's motivation is to find truth. Remember, he doesn't know for certain that Anna isn't a threat.

D'ni Council motivation is to be as blind to their own vulnerabilities as possible.

The Philosopher is the primary threat as he has the widest view of what will actually end up happening.
Veovis is the energy behind that threat. The access he gives to Philosoher in return for flattery and an echo chamber. Anna and Aitrus are the eyes of the audience, Anna seeing the blaringly obvious blind spots of an empire so powerful and so old and so unthreatened by its own curruption and pride while Aitrus is our view into the more fantastic aspects of D'ni. For viewers new to all things MYST from linking to books to ages to underground stone handling, Aitrus's view of the world is what makes this series scifi.

What Aitrus sees makes this scifi/fantasy. What Anna sees makes this have some kind of actual conflict. What The Philospher sees makes the fall of D'ni inevitable and what Veovis sees (untruths, mostly) makes the series have a developmental arch.

Ultimately Veovis is all of D'ni. Almost literally at the very end after the gas cloud.

That is if they stick to the books.

What would be cool is if somehow the series finds some new ground between the unfinished story of URU's Bahro and the more well tread paths and plots of the novels.