Two sims in Second Life where CYAN fans can meet

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Two sims in Second Life where CYAN fans can meet

Postby azel » Sat Nov 21, 2015 7:20 pm

For those who might be interested here are two CYAN game related sims in Second Life. I don't know who made these sims, but I don't think they have any connection to CYAN. I am sure some people here know more about it than I do. I just wanted to put out this information to those who play Second Life. ... /21/233/44
It is called (Eder Gira). It is a remake of URU. ... 128/114/26
It is called (Dni Village Town Square & Park). It is a sim made with objects taken from different CYAN games.

Both of the sims above are CYAN game related for people who are interested in meeting others with the same interests. I have been told that some members meet once a week for activities and just to visit.

In Second Life my avatar is called Azel Snowpaw. I am male.

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Re: Two sims in Second Life where CYAN fans can meet

Postby Tai'lahr » Sun Nov 22, 2015 5:40 am

Shorah, Azel. You are correct that Cyan has nothing to do with these sims; they are fully fan-created and operated. Anarta & Colorado created the Eder Gira & Myst Island sims; Benandru now hosts them and Anarta continues to help maintain them. Eder Gira has a few residents, but it's mainly for exploring and community events. The D'ni Village, Uru Village, K'veer, and Ahnonay sims are owned and operated by Granelda and are mainly residential, but have the central Dni Village Town Square & Park you mentioned. This sim has a long history going back at least to 2008 when it was known as Vulcan Myst and owned by Dakotah.

The weekly gathering you mentioned is probably Uru Karaoke on Saturdays (which is also in MOULa at the same time). Also, Donahoo & Watashi alternate hosting music & dancing on Friday afternoons. And, Beach hosts afternoon music & dancing in the city at Eder Gira multiple times a week. You can receive notices about all of these events and others through the D'ni Refugees group in SL. Hope to see you at some of them. :)
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