S-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y S-l-o-w C-y-a-n S-e-r-v-e-r

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Re: S-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y S-l-o-w C-y-a-n S-e-r-v-e-r

Postby KathAveara » Thu Jan 21, 2016 8:35 am

At this point, it seems like smapty knows what's causing the downtime, so simply knowing that something is down means he can fix it easily.
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Re: S-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y S-l-o-w C-y-a-n S-e-r-v-e-r

Postby Acorn1 » Sat Apr 23, 2016 12:06 am

sorry to bump this old thread but is anyone else finding this is happening again? For both this forum and the MOULa forums? Over the past couple of days I've had intermittent go-slows and site down/bad gateway error messages. I get error 504 - website is offline gateway time-out.

My broadband has been playing up, so it could be my end.....but it's only these two sites where it's happening.
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Re: S-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y S-l-o-w C-y-a-n S-e-r-v-e-r

Postby dgelessus » Sat Apr 23, 2016 4:47 am

For me the Cyan websites have been slow too lately, and the DRC site seems to be down again.
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Re: S-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y S-l-o-w C-y-a-n S-e-r-v-e-r

Postby Tomala » Mon May 09, 2016 8:21 am

I think it's improving. It only took me 49 seconds to load this thread! :D
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