MOUL Avatar Strangeness

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MOUL Avatar Strangeness

Postby wstrohm » Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:12 am

Since this web page is an URU:CC page that has been hijacked to Obduction, maybe I can re-hijack it to MOUL for a question regarding recent attempts to fully access an existing avatar in that URU Live app.

After many months of being denied access to MOUL due to "authorization failed" blockages, I finally got in yesterday. I am on a "Mac (sort of)" and used Crossover's "Tie" app to download a new copy of the MOUL client. And it worked! Except, my avatar is now represented (sometimes) with only a pair of shoes, and sometimes with floating sunglasses plus a Relto linking book (also floating). In Tokotah Alley, other players can see me as my normal avatar even though I cannot. And I cannot see them at all. We can talk, but the visual (for me) is unacceptable. I have tried lots of things, none of which work. The Wardrobe confirms that no part of the body of the avatar is visible except as noted above.

Any comments/advice/help?

Thanks for reading!
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