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Reporting Posts

Postby Hannah » Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:37 pm

If you come across a post that you believe is in violation of the forum rules, please click on the icon that looks like an upside-down triangle with an exclamation mark near the top of the post in violation. You may then select your reason for reporting from a drop-down list, select whether or not you would like to be notified when the report is dealt with, and enter in more information (optional) if needed. A moderator will read your report, and read the post, and decide whether or not the post was in violation of the rules, and will handle the matter privately. Moderators highly appreciate it when reports are made, because they will immediately get a notification of the report and be able to deal with it in an organized fashion.

If you have a different issue with moderation, you may contact a moderator or administrator through PM (private message). A list of dedicated moderators can be found by clicking on the blue-colored legend key entitled "Cyan Mods" near the bottom of the page. Please only contact a moderator with this method if your inquiry doesn't have to do with reporting a post.
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