Which Ages have Day/Night cycles?

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Re: Which Ages have Day/Night cycles?

Postby Ehren » Tue Mar 04, 2014 5:17 pm

Vector Cramp wrote:
Ehren wrote:
matthornb wrote:But, with RM:ME it feels like a few steps forward, and one or two steps back. You've improved so many things, but the loss of day/night cycles in Stoneship, Mechanical, and Selenitic, are a glaring area in which RM:ME is actually worse than the old RealMyst.

The day/night cycles in the OLD RealMyst? They didn't even work! It was just glitched and stuck day all the time. This lack of the main feature is why I didn't like the first RealMyst. Therefore if this version has ANY day/night what-so-ever it's an improvement.

What are you talking about? Every age except Channelwood and Rime had one that worked perfectly.

What can I say? It didn't work for me, it was always daytime, no matter how long I waited. I'm pretty sure other people had similar problems too...
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