Myst Elevator Rotation?

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Myst Elevator Rotation?

Postby Ehren » Wed Mar 05, 2014 10:22 pm

I noticed something in realMyst Masterpiece. I think this has existed in all versions of Myst, but the more open style door of the realMyst elevator really lets you see its movements as it goes up.

How is it that when you take the elevator up from the library to the tower that the elevator is always facing the same direction that the tower is facing?

Well, the elevator itself seems to rotate a bit on the way up, and the rotation amount varies depending on which area you have the tower pointed at.

But there is a problem, the elevator always seems to rotate the wrong way/amount, yet still arrives at the top facing forward.

Here is an example. Rotate the tower to face the gears. You know that when you stand inside the elevator facing the door you're facing towards the library. And you can figure out from the map that if you are using the elevator it should have to rotate almost 90 degrees to the left to arrive at the top facing the same direction as the tower. (Or it would have to rotate right for a really long way)

Yet, when you use the elevator you'll find that its rotation goes slightly to the RIGHT. Knowing the layout of Myst island, how is it that once you get to the top you are now facing the direction that looks out to the gears? Seems like it should have left you facing more towards the clock tower than the gears...

Am I forgetting to consider something?
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Re: Myst Elevator Rotation?

Postby Thestranger » Thu Mar 06, 2014 5:17 am

Hmm, probably one of those little anomolies that crop up from time to time in both Myst and Riven.
Given how much work and effort was put into these games it isn't too surprising to find little glitches like this, one I found recently was in Riven - I couldn't figure how they got the Wahrk into the lake on Plateau Island as the lake is above sea level, there are any number of little things like this in both games - just a glitch methinks, nothing more... ;-)
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Re: Myst Elevator Rotation?

Postby ArkhamNative » Thu Mar 06, 2014 7:39 am

Good catch. Even though we enter from the west and are looking west out the elevator doors, the elevator seems to think its door is facing east. Zero turns happens when the tower has been rotated to point due east. The turns for the landmarks are in the correct order but not the correct angular distance (amount of spin). Here's a back-of-a-napkin sketch of my findings. Note this is from the elevator's frame of reference, where it thinks it's facing due east:
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