A couple requests for next update

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A couple requests for next update

Postby Yali » Thu Feb 12, 2015 12:50 pm

LOVE the new update!

Here are some ideas on how to improve it more:

  • Allow a closeup view of Sirrus' drawers and desk in Stoneship like in the original Myst. Right now you can hardly see his narcotic abuse.
  • Replace K'veer with the MOULa version. This would look much better.
  • Fix the typos in Atrus' Rime journal. They're still there.
  • If possible, replace Sirrus' painting collection with high res versions of the same paintings that are available online.
  • Higher res rock textures on the island in Channelwood. The player's view is right up against it, it would be good to increase the detail.
  • More D'ni stuff. If it's not too much work to add new little bits of content, then do it! I'd love to see more D'ni related objects, whether its a "toy" or paper somewhere.
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Re: A couple requests for next update

Postby T-Squared » Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:12 pm

Yeah! Like I said in my Twitter post, I almost hyperventilated when I saw the v2.0 updates!

As for me, I like the new non-minecart reinterpretation of the Selenitic ending tunnel. Looks very D'ni-ish, like the supports for the Great Shaft in Uru or Myst V.

However, what made the original 1993 version interesting to me was the fact that the
headlights on the maze-runner would shut off as soon as it entered the tunnel,
with the lights on the tunnel supports creating this interesting and fun effect:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=p ... 1H0#t=1005

And a similar idea at this part in v1.0:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=p ... 62I#t=2510 (The actual effect starts at 41:54. See how the maze-runner's headlights shut off?)

Since the support lights have been put in the tunnel in this update, why would the maze-runner need its own lights to be on when it enters? In my opinion, the headlights seem too obnoxiously bright to be used in the tunnel (everywhere else outside the tunnel is appropriate), and it takes away the dark, mysterious atmosphere of entering a new location.

On a less picky note, I still wish Selenitic and Stoneship had a day-night cycle. But that's just me. (Rime's constant darkness makes sense because it's an arctic location, though.) Everything else looks fantastic!
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Re: A couple requests for next update

Postby Jamie Marchant » Mon Feb 16, 2015 6:03 pm

I'd like to see:
- The lie/site down feature actually work(it only works in some spots for me)
- Better achievements on Steam for things that are not just accomplished by completing the game normally.(i.e finding Easter eggs)
- A framrate counter
- Zip mode
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Re: A couple requests for next update

Postby T-Squared » Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:32 pm

While looking through someone's playthrough, I noticed a few things that are way off and can actually hurt the game's realism. (Unlike my preference for the lights in the Mazerunner tunnel.)

1. The Marker switch diagram in the forechamber is not animated correctly. Not only does it not fit with the overall look of the imager, but it's actually a double image. (This doubling of the marker switch model was used to give a "focusing" effect to the image in the original RealMyst, as if the focusing mechanics of the forechamber imager were not perfect. I actually noticed this error myself.)

2. The rotating tower and its respective mountain are not only too small, but they're not in the right proportion compared to a location such as the planetarium or the library. (I noticed this error myself.)

3. The gear to turn the elevator in the Mechanical Age is less realistic with its motion. (And it has absolutely no momentum. I noticed this error myself.)

4. The gears in the top floor of the fortress have blank walls. (I know its something someone would rarely look at, especially with a flashlight, but I just wanted to point that out.)

5. The water in the fountain in Selenitic has a very (as said by the playthrough player) Jello-like consistency to it, and looks very odd.

6. There are several shader glitches as the mazerunner enters the final stop to the Myst Book. (I noticed this myself.)

7. The stalagmites and stalactites have a decidedly polygonal look to them in the mazerunner cave. (I noticed this myself.)

8. The videos in Achenar's Temple could be adjusted to fade in appropriately to remove all traces of the background from the original 1993 game.

9. Several painting textures in Stoneship and Mechanical are low-res. (This has been pointed out by some players.)

10. The Fortress Simulator hologram graphics in Achenar's room don't look so clear. (I'm not sure if that's an aesthetic decision, to highlight how the imaging system is somewhat primitive.)
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Re: A couple requests for next update

Postby Yali » Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:06 pm

Just watched shadyparadox's livestream today. A couple issues:

1. The Skull/Rose hologram doesn't play its animation when turned on in the far right position.

2. The masks in Channelwood should really return to their original design to distinguish them from the masks on Stoneship.

3. The ladders on Myst Island have a brick texture. This is super weird and needs fixing.

4. When dropping the key and lock in the lighthouse when emptied of water, the sound effect is currently only for when the lighthouse is filled with water. We need a good "cthunkg" sound for hitting the stone floor.

5. The blur effect is really distracting and looks like a graphical error. I think it should be removed. shadyparadox kept asking why everything was blurry closeup and it wasn't obvious that this was a feature.

6. Editable "Baked Potato Age" is needed like it was in realMyst. Honestly one of the best features in realMyst.

7. The door in Rime to the hut needs to not close instantly when lighting the furnace. As shadyparadox said, this was actually a cool puzzle in that the room wouldn't heat unless the door was closed. Makes sense. This required the player to think "Maybe I should close the door".

8. Stoneship day is direly needed.

9. Prevent people from linking to night Mechanical during their first playthrough. Solving puzzles here in the dark is nigh impossible unless you've already played Myst a bazillion times and know where everything is.

10. The pipe connection on Channelwood needs a splash animation. Right now it looks super awckward.

11.Flashlight is now counter-productive on Stoneship. Part of the gameplay in the original Myst was searching for the secret passage in the dark without having yet charged the battery. I remember spending a good 30 minutes as a kid running up and down the stairs looking for that hidden door. Now with the flashlight it becomes really obvious with the big red square on the door's front. Also exploring the cabin in the dark is spoilerific with the flashlight. You needed to not see anything to motivate you to turn the lights on to see what was hidden. With the flashlight you can pretty much see everything down there.

12. Make the dagger in Sirrus' drawer more visible like in the original Myst. This was one of the coolest parts of Myst when i was a kid... wondering how many people Sirrus had stabbed. Really made him appear more like villain and outlaw. You can barely see the dagger now because its hidden by bottles.

13. Some of the lights behave weirdly, notably in the book room on Mechanical and the tunnel on Selenitic.

14. Make it possible to get up from the seat in the Mazerunner and walk around the ship. Why was this changed? I loved trying to escape the ship to wander on to the tracks as a kid only to be dissapointed that the door wouldn't open. As shadyparadox said, its the logical thing you would do in this situation.

15. LESS INVISIBLE WALLS. I want to be able to walk all across the cratered sands of Selenitic and over the hill on Myst Island from the tree to the ship. Also would be nice to wade in the water on the shore of Myst. The game needs some more open-worldy elements when it comes to free-roam since Myst has always been kind of an open world game at its core.

16. The Planetarium dates behave strangely. Choosing an hour or day away from the puzzle code causes the viewer to freak out rather than move slightly off. In every other version this worked fine.

17. The fortress rotation simulator now moves at an equal pace unlike the original. This was part of the gameplay in that the speed of the roation would increase and would require you practice with the simulator to get it right. The second nob was supposed to lock the fortress down to a specific direction but in the current version it's buggy and only does this half the time, sometimes even stopping in the middle of the tracks between two directions.
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