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realMyst in a Dungeon Crawler RPG

Postby Zenbane » Wed Oct 14, 2015 3:21 pm

Hello everyone. Starting December of 2014, I began working on a Dungeon Crawler RPG (Mod) that basically allows players to explore all 5 ages of realMyst. This Mod is complete - as of about a week ago - and I wanted to post it here in case any Myst fans wanted to give it a shot.

The project website is located at:

This is a fully playable Mod to the game, Legend of Grimrock II. I'm just a gamer and this is my first ever Mod (I'm not affiliated with the makers of the Grimrock games).

I first played Myst for Sega many years ago, and have been a huge fan ever since. When I played this Grimrock game I noticed a lot of parallels to Myst, so I couldn't help but build a Mod dedicated to bringing the 2 worlds together. I actually released a small demo of this Mod to Steam back in February (my attempt to celebrate the anniversary of Myst).

I call my Mod, "Mystrock, Artisans Path." Players control a group of 4 adventurers that not only solve all the puzzles found in realMyst (with a few being mildly re-interpreted), but also build up character classes and engage in plenty of combat (including Boss Battles).

This is a free-to-play Mod, so if you happen to own Grimrock 2 then give it a shot. If you don't own Grimrock 2 then I've seen it for as low as $6.00 on GoG from time to time. Mystrock will be up for many years (hopefully) so feel free to wait until Grimrock 2 is at a budget price - although personally I love Grimrock and happily paid full price.

You may download Mystrock directly from the project website, or via NexusMods:

Lastly, some screenshots!

Myst Island - the Stoneship puzzle in front of the library with my re-interpretation of the Mechanical Age clock puzzle in the background:

A monster battle inside the living quarters I created for the Stoneship Age:

An entirely new puzzle area that players must battle through before being allowed to travel to Stoneship:

I took all of the text in the Atrus Library and wrote it all over the walls of a new Repository:

The room of Sirrus inside the Mechanical Age:

A new combat area that players are transported to after they solve the Channelwood Puzzles:

In Stoneship, I allow players to actually swim inside the waters of the Aquarium. Within that is a passage to an entirely new combat area:

A close-up shot of the Mechanical Age fortress that I re-created:

The starting Dock of Myst Island:

Another view of the hidden "world" beyond the Stoneship Aquarium:

The writings of the Selentic age by Atrus make mention of how that age feels "alive." As such, I made "living walls" that attack you. A sample boss battle with a living wall:

The Myst "forechamber" :

The Channelwood staircase at night:

Channelwood in daylight:

Stoneship Island, with the Lighthouse:

Myst Island, the view coming towards the center area (the letter to Catherine is on the ground) :

The East platform at the Mechanical Age:

The crystal pillars in Selenitic:

A side-by-side view of realMyst's Mechanical Age and Mystrock's re-interpretation: ... are_01.png

Well that's about it! Hopefully this Mystrock project is something that the Myst community can enjoy and appreciate. Thanks for your time, and happy gaming!
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