How did the Wahrk get onto Plateau Island?

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How did the Wahrk get onto Plateau Island?

Postby Thestranger » Wed Feb 19, 2014 10:18 am

Hmmm, surprising to think that as much as I know about Riven after 16 years I can still find things I hadn't noticed before.

While updating my website with a write-up about the Wahrks I realised that there was a question I hadn't considered before...

When you arrive on Plateau Island it is apparent that the lake on the island is above sea level - presumably this lake is self contained and has no connection with the surrounding sea, its level is most obvious when you take the elevator down to the lower level and follow the path to the Wahrk chamber - on your first visit you will see one of Gehn's scribes (played by Tony Fryman) run off down a corridor - follow him and you will see him board a Maglev (Magcar) and drive off - at this point you are still above sea level.
Return to the path (which is on a level) and follow it to the Wahrk chamber and it is now obvious that you are below a water line (i.e. below the lake).

What I am curious about is how did the Wahrk get into the lake in the first place?

There is no connection from the lake to the sea, there is no machinery on the island big enough to lift a Wahrk into the lake (in fact, the lake isn't that big really) and how was it fed? (There being no Wahrk gallows on Plateau Island).

Did Gehn put the Wahrk in when it was a baby?

Curious, anybody know how this came about?

(I am so glad that Riven still has mysteries for me to solve... ;-))
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Re: How did the Wahrk get onto Plateau Island?

Postby Vector Cramp » Wed Feb 19, 2014 10:45 am

Hmm, an interesting question, (just like how on earth does a wahrk get into the tiny lake on jungle island. )

My best guess would be that you are correct and that it was put in there when it was small enough to be easily transported . As for feeding it, I imagine it was given whatever it normally feasts off of, (Riven wouldn't have anyone left the only thing Gehn fed it was people. ;) )
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Re: How did the Wahrk get onto Plateau Island?

Postby dgelessus » Wed Feb 19, 2014 12:53 pm

If I remember Riven geography correctly there is a passage connection the Jungle Island lake to the sea. Not the fish-shaped cave, I believe it's the one where the only accessible walkway passes through.

Regarding Map Island, the baby theory makes sense. Another possibility would be that the lake used to be connected to the sea, however Gehn closed off the passage and pumped water into the lake, rising its water level. Admittedly that is kinda complicated and unlikely though.
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Re: How did the Wahrk get onto Plateau Island?

Postby KathAveara » Wed Feb 19, 2014 1:47 pm

Funnily enough Calum and I were considering this exact question only a few hours ago! I personally just assumed there were passages linking everything.
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Re: How did the Wahrk get onto Plateau Island?

Postby damianvila » Thu Feb 20, 2014 3:56 am

Well, as you might recall, water in Riven has strange properties. In Gehn's studio you can see an orb that, when heated, made "water" move in strange ways. It was due to a bacteria in the water, apparently.
Gehn clearly experimented with this, and it may be possible that the Wahrk got to the lake in one of such experiments (probably accidentally while chasing other animals it fed from or on purpose by Gehn for some twisted purpose).

But, tbh, I prefer some things to be a mystery. I think "Lost" (the TV series) was more interesting when we didn't know some things about the island. :P
Same principle applies here. :)
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Re: How did the Wahrk get onto Plateau Island?

Postby AlanD » Wed Aug 06, 2014 4:19 am

The water level in the lake is much higher than sea level, and you go up from sea level to get to the chair in the Wahrk chamber, so the lake is most likely what that chamber window opens on to. I think the lake becomes much wider below the surface, giving the Wahrk room to swim around.

I'd always assumed that the lake connected to the sea somehow. Admittedly this requires the water to be doing something strange, but that's already a factor here. Remember, too, that the golden cage lift passes down into a layer of water and then further down out of it again, so there is something non-intuitive going on here. Best answer I can come up with is that this is another strange property of Riven water... and that the lake is connected to the surrounding sea by a submerged channel.
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