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Postby Jamie Marchant » Wed Mar 11, 2015 5:18 pm

Riven is one of the best games ever created! The world is complete and seems like it was planned to the last detail! Everything in the world is engaging and interesting! Some of the puzzles are a bit tough and that's the only complaint I make about it.

Myst III is my second favourite Myst game, it's not as good as Riven but still a really good game and Presto studios best work in my opinion.

Myst is my third favourite game in the series, I think it's a great game but not as special as Riven or Myst III. I won't get into versions (RealMyst VS Masterpiece Edition VS 1993 edition)

I've never beaten Myst IV, due to some of the extermally challenging puzzles. I'm sure when I do beat it, it will be in forth place on my list.

URU is fith on the list. It's a good game but not a great one. MOULa is much better then off-line URU thanks to the community and on-line aspects. :)

Myst 5 is the worst game in the series. The ages seem less 'lived in' then any other game in the series and most of them are based on classic video game cliché. (i.e. desert world, ice world, jungle world, open grassland). Also...
[Reveal] Spoiler:
it's kind of sad when my brother can solve an age by drawing pacman on the tablet.

So the final running is: Riven, Myst III, Myst, Myst IV, URU and then finally Myst 5.

None of the games lose points for incompatibilities with modern operating systems as nobody can product what changes will be made to the OSs that may or may not break existing products.
-Jamie Marchant
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Re: Franchise Favorites Ranked

Postby Agesage » Tue Aug 25, 2015 8:07 am

It's difficult for me to put the games in a specific order, but I'll try.

1. Riven, of course. It's a masterpiece through and through. It's beautiful, atmospheric, intricate, deep. There are no words.

2. Myst. It deserves 2nd place just because it started the series.

3. Uru and End of Ages. I actually think of these two as one and the same game. In my mind EoA is the third, standalone expansion pack for Uru. The Ages were obviously limited by 2003 GPU tech, but the art style and DRC backstory more than made up for it.

4. Revelation. Beautiful graphics, pretty Ages. But the story, I didn't buy it. Now the prisonbooks were suddenly not destroyed? And Achenar redeemed?!? Nope. No way.

5. Exile. This is a strange one. The Ages were unique and pretty. I should like it because it's very Myst-like, but I don't. The art style was.. different. And the Ages were all Puzzle and had almost no environmental storytelling.
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