Besides Tay a potential for a theme.

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Besides Tay a potential for a theme.

Postby Graizur » Thu Feb 19, 2015 2:18 am

So I was just watching a comedic Riven retrospective when I thought of something that I knew but hadn't thought about too much.

It's one of those nerdy details and fan fictiony kind of things but I'm not really thinking about my Marty Stue like I'm suppose to, I'm actually thinking

"Gee, we find a burnt book in Gehn's lab and then later we learn that Tay is an Age salvaged from Gehn's lab, edited by the Moiety into being stable, and crystal framed into having a functional link.

But it's from just one Gehn failed attempt. Of which there are many. How many Descriptive Books had the Moiety saved from the fires, edited for stability and been able to crystal framed.

I am imagining each salvaged age representing an aspect of Gehn's destructive ambition somehow rescued by Moiety technology.


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Re: Besides Tay a potential for a theme.

Postby korovev » Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:05 am

This also suggests that, with the proper training, Gehn might have been a good Writer. And I still think the ‘Sanctuary’ he was writing really was his first properly written Age, that nobody will ever see.
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