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Black Moiety - Let's Build a World!

Postby Yali » Thu Feb 11, 2016 4:16 pm

Hi all, today I created this little ditty: Black Moiety

Its been a long time coming, but over the past... well... decade, I've been slowly developing the world of Tay and the Moiety society in the wake of Riven, primarily for my own enjoyment to imagine "What would happen to a tribal culture when exposed to the D'ni and the Art for 200 years?

While Myst is considered steampunk, I envision Tay as tribalpunk. A world begotten out of a need for refuge, an Age saved from the writing of Gehn, however Tay is a world which befits its people... rough and harsh, stark and beautiful. In developing how I envisioned Tay, I took inspiration from the lead directors of Riven, Robyn Miller and Richard Vander Wende, and tried to develop a world which fitted their aesthetic. In doing so I realized I needed to explore the political and cultural evolution of the Moiety society, now closely linked with the fate of D'ni through Atrus and Katran.

I wrote two pieces of IC fanfiction as journals, one by Dr. Watson himself and one by my own character Adann, a Moiety native. Following this I began to sketch out a final map of the Age. Seeing as how I lack linguistic skills as well as illustration skills, I decided to open up my own fanfiction and creation to the Myst community. My intent is similar in line with that of the Narayani Collective, which sought to develop Narayani culture following the release of Myst III: Exile. Feeling as though Rivenese culture had been scarcely developed for Riven, I saw that there was much untapped potential for creativity and world building concerning Rivenese culture and what it would become following the destruction of the Fifth Age.

Hopefully this project can inspire interest in the Moiety Age and such a world and story could be turned into what I'd like to call "the first open-world Myst game". I've so far developed a lot of the geography of the Age, but have left a lot out, notably native flora and fauna, Moiety culture such as art, architecture, clothing, religion even to some extent.

There is a whole world out there I'd like to build and I see this as a ripe opportunity to start a fan collaboration. With Starry Expanse in development, interest in Riven may surge again within the next few years when it releases, then what better time to revisit the world of the Rivenese, of Gehn and the Moiety rebels.

I have also developed in this story an antagonist and twist to the overarching story which entertains the idea of "what happened to those loyal to Gehn back when Riven fell? Did they assimilate into Moiety society, or did they disperse... and wait, until the time was ripe?"

Join me on the forums! :)
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