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Re: Myst IV in an Alternate Universe...

Postby Ainia » Sun Mar 23, 2014 5:44 pm

Thanks Rivenian!

So in your version, it seems there's a much more direct connection between Serenia and D'ni then… or are the characters of the spirits a direct reflection of the player or Yeesha's memory necklace? That is, do the personifications of the spirits change depending on the person interacting with them, the player's culture/history; or the memories contained in the necklace? This variety in the spirits would make for a much more interesting set of choices for the player and would imply a different experience or outcome depending on the spirit chosen by the player.

I agree about Veovis being redeemed, being a classic tragic character. I've always wondered if his complexity and tragedy was tied up with being conflicted about his traditional D'ni beliefs and an unacknowledged attraction to Ti'ana. In my mind, it would go a long way toward explaining his choices, emotions and behavior in BoT, especially if he was in denial of all this himself. His reaction to Ti'ana reminds me a great deal of Darcy's reaction to Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice (if you are familiar with that story). Veovis seems to have made his peace with all this upon his death; and his confession to Aitrus that it was because of Ti'ana he spared Gemedet from the plague is quite telling… it strikes me as an acknowledgment of *all* his hidden feelings, that he was finally able to accept Ti'ana's friendship toward him, and that he still loved his friend Aitrus. [IIRC, at the time when Ti'ana alone acknowledged Veovis' earlier innocence, Veovis had reacted to her loyalty with prideful scorn, essentially rejecting the only genuine friend he had left in the world.]

Overall, BoT contains a great deal of unspoken, unacknowledged character complexity which I've wished many times had been explored in more depth. It think it would be awesome to find a way to blend this in with the games! :)
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Re: Myst IV in an Alternate Universe...

Postby Rivenian » Mon Mar 24, 2014 3:25 pm

Well, as the player is really the silent hero of the D'niverse, I feel its in some ways necessary for a connection to be made between the demise of D'ni through these characters that have only appeared in the books and the games themselves through the player's choices that result in the overall story of the rebuilding of D'ni. By saving Yeesha, the player enables the prophecy of the Grower to come true and, in turn allows D'ni to be reborn again in both the cavern and on Releeshahn. Myst at its core is about failure and redemption. i.e the failure of the D'ni and their redemption through the acts of an outsider, i.e the player. In many ways, it's not Yeesha who is the true Grower, but the Stranger. Think about it.

I merely wanted to establish that connection through the guise of Serenia's spirit guides who, we are never sure what their true forms are, only what they would appear as to the player -which would be those three characters. I guess they wouldn't change unless the player is ascribed a different element, which in that case he or she would be given a different character. This could be fun for replay value - choosing to perform certain actions in game to hear another character's side of the story.

As Dream would be a more fluid form of an explorable landscape a la STG Nexus, I feel that these guides could appear within the landscape and guide the player all while remaining in character. Veovis would speak of his betrayal at the hands of A'Gaeris and his redemption and sadness at the destruction of D'ni while A'Gaeris would spout the opposite rhetoric. Ti'Ana could present herself to the player as an old friend, mother of Atrus and the writer of Myst Island, establishing a family connection between the player and the guide. Each of these characters would provide a link to the overarching story of Myst, and directly tied to the actions of the player, provide backstory and a chance to meet these said characters in human form as well as relate to the player's personality through the choices they made in game.

Re: Myst IV in an Alternate Universe...

Postby Indafissure » Tue Dec 09, 2014 8:14 am

Recently I've played through all the Myst games again but jumped from URU to End of Ages as the storyline follows on from URU, and left Revelation until last, I played Revelation years ago when I first got a PC and thought then that it was clunky to play and just felt strange but I thought maybe it was me being new to PC games and not configuring the game correctly or something, well I just installed the game again and after an hour of trying to play it, I HATE IT!

I have a PC gaming rig with Logitech gaming k/board and mouse and despite trying to get a decent feel to the mouse cursor with the in game settings and the mouse gaming software, the cursor still feels horribly floaty and indistinct and I don't know where the cursor is going or where it will stop, I have never felt so nauseous when playing a game, combine that issue with the fact that transitions are soo slow and the zip mode is stupid (the old zip mode was great) and I have reluctantly given up with this game before frustration takes over and I give the game dvd to the dog to chew on :evil:

It's ten years since Revelation and Ubisoft are still making bad games!
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Re: Myst IV in an Alternate Universe...

Postby Main_Avvie » Wed Dec 10, 2014 3:44 am

Myst IV kinda sorta sucked since because Ubisoft. yeah ... :roll:

it's not their worst work though :|
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Re: Myst IV in an Alternate Universe...

Postby Magic88889 » Fri Dec 12, 2014 2:24 pm

Rev had a lot of problems, but the girl they got to play Yeesha was just excellent. IMO, she more than makes up for the crappy interface and clunky design elements.
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