The age of volcanica.

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The age of volcanica.

Postby LordVeovis » Sat Aug 06, 2016 7:51 am

I would like to introduce you all to the age of Volcanica.
Volcanica is a rather simple age, written by myself as essentially, as proof of a concept.

First a bit of background. I have been a fan of the Myst series for pretty much my entire life. I and my brothers were introduced to the game, like many Myst players, by our father, who received the game from his aunt.
While still quite young we began playing Myst, both in the sense of playing the game and elaborating on our adventures in make believe.
So it was that my oldest brother made the first link book among us, it was a small pamphlet of folded paper stapled together, the cover colored with pencil to be red and a description of the age written in ink inside(the age was highly unstable and wound up collapsing in on itself).

Many years, and two ages later, after having completed Myst, Riven and Exile I decided I would try my hand at bookbinding.
I made a book and found that I loved it, And so I decided to make another, but this one would be more, this one would be a link book.

I considered many options and came up with an idea during my ruminating. All of the standard ages were written in a way so as to facilitate stability, so things like active tectonics or volcanos were discouraged. What if one were to write an age so as to link in, at a time in that age were a major transformation was underway?
If the transformation was part of what was written in, you could more easily channel all instabilities to a stable conclusion.
In short, rather than writing an age and just living with any inherent problems, write in problems and a solution to those problems to create a more stable age over all.
so I wrote Volcanica
Here it is,

The book itself has stone covers made from roofing slate with all the decorations engraved in it. The book is bound with an exposed spine using a coptic stitch. The linking panel is pen, and watercolor pencil.
I also started an illustrated book of commentary starting several pages after the linking panel page.

As for the age, it's a volcanic island, the central volcano is surrounded by concentric rings of jagged rocks pointing in there are various caves and tunnels and at the time of "link in" the volcano was active that however has changed.
I've started a small online shop where I sell handmade books, if you would like a high quality blank book for journaling or sketching check it out. I'm just starting, so my selection is small but I can make a custom book any time!
here's the link
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