"Leafs in the Myst"... A Board Game in development...

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"Leafs in the Myst"... A Board Game in development...

Postby m.a.x.2.0 » Sun Jun 08, 2014 4:03 am

I've posted this note below also over at MOULa Forums in Creativity section. If anybody wish
to help developing this, or tweaking the game play, the rules etc. PM me on the Forum...

While planning some stuff for the Open Hood Day in April, I also picked up an old creative idea again.
That of using some of the Myst and URU ages. mythology and history as a basis for a Board Game...
I've named this "Leafs in the Myst" [the Ages being like leafs of the Great Tree]

The basis of the game is that you start at one pre-set location, move on the board by using a dice.
You travel through a number of 'Ages' and 'touch' journey cloths, pick up different clothing and items,
Relto pages etc. and you'll be given points in different scales for all of those. Collecting the most
total points is one factor decisive for the games outcome, but perhaps not the only one.
The basic format is aimed for 2 up to 8 players. But it can be adapted for even more, as the game
layout is versatile and can be easily expanded.

The games goal can be one of several options or combinations of these:
Pick up as many points as possible, with or without a given time frame.
Visit and complete only a preset number of 'Ages' [perhaps the primary 4]
or as many 'Ages' as possible, with or without a given time frame.
Pick up only some items and avoid tactically others to gain points.
During the game you'll pick up cards, that can help or hinder your game
progress and those can also add to or draw from your points tally. Your
choice will always affect on the outcome.
There will also be a possible team-play-mode.

The game layout is open ended, with a multitude of exchangeable parts.
Thus a new game can always be slightly different to the previous one.

So far I have the general guidelines or rules ready. I also have a layout for the different parts of
the boards. And I'll use this topic to post about the progress... So stay tuned.
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