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Postby numinous » Wed Mar 11, 2015 1:09 am

Hi all,

I'm finally able to share something I've been working on for quite some time. This is my replica of one of Gehn's Linking Books from the Cyan game Riven. This prop took me ages to make (a couple of years in fact), due to lack of time to devote to it, but finally it's complete.

I chose to make the linking panel an image of the Linking Cave from Riven to Tay, which makes this book the one that the Moiety stole from Gehn to take to Tay so they could return to Riven (I figure they don't need it anymore now that Riven has collapsed!). It still needs the Crystal window to power the link. :) Now if only I had the skills to make the Gehn Effigy bookstand to put it on - lol

The cover is made from faux leather look vinyl and painted with acrylic paints, wrapped around corflute. I bought book corners online and got some piano hinge from the hardware store (which just happened to be the perfect size). The "rivets" in the corners are just little nails cut short. The pages are stained with tea to give the aged look and then printed. The text is actually just The Book of Atrus copy transliterated to D'ni font. I only edited it slightly to put the full stop at the start of the sentence, as is the D'ni way. The linking panel is just a colour print from an in-game screenshot with a gloss coating.

The trickiest part of this book is in fact the highly unorthodox piano hinge design. I have no idea if or how books are ever made in this manner or what the designer (be it Robyn, Richard or one of the 3D artists) had in mind. I ended up tieing two piano hinges together through the screw holes with string, then sewing the textblock onto this in a similar manner. I then cut a cavity into the corflute to glue the other side of the hinge into. The spine is just a small piece I made up seperately and glued on to hide the string etc.

Now how to display it.... Anyone want to make me that Gehn effigy? ;)


DeviantArt page with my Myst replicas http://numinous80.deviantart.com/
Check out my Riven website "Riven Illuminated" at http://mystarchive.com/rivenil/
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Re: Korvahk

Postby Twitch » Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:19 pm

Oh, that's terrific. I'll have to remember that tea trick in the future.
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