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RoonSehv OST

PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 4:10 am
by Prom361
After the French release of RoonSehv in March 2015, and meanwhile the English version in June 2015, this is the Original SoundTracks of the game !

After the release of "Age of Sounds" and "Age of Sounds 2" (also available on the site), here is the new album of Piboc (our musical architect), which brings together all the music composed for the game.

Completely in the style of mystical adventure games!

If you have completed the game, if you're still in, if you are about to play and even if you never play there, so you have the option to listen to all the music.

The method is the same, you indicate your email and comments, and you get the link to download the entire album in mp3.

Piboc and me wish you beautiful musical explorations...

Thank you Piboc for this beautiful creation !