Has anyone ever played RHEM?

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Has anyone ever played RHEM?

Postby mystman12 » Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:57 am

So, back in the good ol' days, when I was little and would just buy a game I thought looked cool, I picked up a game called RHEM for 10 bucks. I've played through it a little, but I've never come close to beating it. I'm thinking about trying it again, though, and I was wondering if anyone here has played it and if you thought it was a good game or not. One reason I want to play it is because, well, the MYST "experience", I guess you could say, the experience of being clueless as to what's going on and starting to figure things out for yourself was kind of ruined, because I grew up with Myst. When I was little, all I cared about was exploring Myst and playing pretend, the same goes for Riven, and whenever there was anything in my way I looked online or in the strategy guide to get the answer. That's not to say I didn't enjoy playing them, and I'm sure Myst and Riven have really influenced me, but I was watching a realMyst: Masterpiece Edition Let's Play, and the guy was absolutely clueless, and it made me wish I could play through these games like that again. So, I thought of Rhem. I only used walkthroughs to get through some of the beginning of the game, and that was along time ago. I'm also in the middle of Myst IV, but I haven't played it in a while. (BTW, I'm stuck on the puzzle with all the monkey things and the lion thing blocking the path, but it almost seems like it's glitched up. I was wondering if there's some sort of game breaking glitch you can get there. If not, please don't tell me the solution to the puzzle!) I also need to play through Myst V. All the Myst games, though, have been partially, if not completely, ruined by walkthroughs. Anyways, after all that rambling, the question here is, have you played Rhem, and did you think it was a good game?
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Re: Has anyone ever played RHEM?

Postby Mystdee » Thu Feb 06, 2014 8:49 am

I played it years ago, I honestly don't remember much about it, but I liked it enough to buy Rhem 2 and 3. . . I have yet to actually play 3 though, because I ended up upgrading my PC right about that time and it was not compatible LOL
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Re: Has anyone ever played RHEM?

Postby MoP » Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:09 am

Only played a fraction of the first game, the series was always quite high on my "to-play" list, just never got around to it.
From my meagre experience it's definitely interesting and quite huge, You'll want to grab a piece of paper and start mapping out the whole island (I think the first one begins with you arriving at an island via tram right?). It's quite easy to get lost in, with many interconnected puzzles all around, a treat for the explorer/puzzle-solvers I'd think.
Now I want to play it as well ;) Hopefully I'll get some free time before Obduction to finally get back to RHEM myself.

I know I'm probably in the minority, but I also really enjoyed Myst IV, so keep at it! I don't recall the puzzle You mentioned, but neither do I remember any game-breaking bugs, so hopefully You'll be fine.
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Re: Has anyone ever played RHEM?

Postby Wafna » Thu Feb 06, 2014 11:15 am

I played Rhem back when I was waiting for Uru: ABM to come out, based on another forum member's review. I loved it. I think I only got stuck once, and re-reading the original review gave me the hint I needed to go on, so I don't count it as getting help. I've got 2 and 3, but I have only played a bit of them. I've got to be in the mood to really enjoy it. I don't have the first one anymore, as I sold it on Ebay soon after I finished it. I later regretted selling it.
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Re: Has anyone ever played RHEM?

Postby belford » Thu Feb 06, 2014 11:16 am

Yeah, the Rhem series is good stuff if you're into puzzles. I've played all four.

They have essentially no plot, and the author hasn't updated his graphical style much since 2002. (It looked pretty retro in 2002.) But the puzzle construction is good. Definitely requires paper-and-pencil notetaking.

All the Myst games, though, have been partially, if not completely, ruined by walkthroughs

There are walkthroughs for the Rhem games. The Internet has walkthroughs for literally every game ever in the history of gaming. (I may be exaggerating, but, you know, not much.)

Only you can manage your walkthrough usage, is my point.
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Re: Has anyone ever played RHEM?

Postby mystman12 » Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:02 am

Yeah, now I'm old enough to be able to resist looking at walkthroughs, though. Let me rephrase what I said:
All the Myst games, though, have been partially, if not completely, ruined by me looking at walkthroughs.

I installed RHEM, and I'm surprised! It actually works on Windows 8.1. I really didn't expect it to work.
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Re: Has anyone ever played RHEM?

Postby ArkhamNative » Fri Feb 07, 2014 11:09 am

I never used it with Myst, but something I really like is Universal Hint System (UHS Hints). It gives hints revealed in layers, from very general down to the actual "how-to". (For example: How does the tower rotation device in the library work? (link, spoilers of course).

It has RHEM 1-4 as well as many, many other games. Using the Web version is free. (And probably the PC/Mac clients are very old now.)
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Re: Has anyone ever played RHEM?

Postby mystman12 » Mon Feb 10, 2014 6:42 pm

Well, I beat it! I enjoyed it, and it took a decent amount of time to beat. I'd say about five to ten hours, probably closer to five. The puzzles weren't super difficult, but they were interesting enough to keep me thinking and from getting bored. It was kind of weird, though, because I had played about halfway through the game a couple of years ago, so in some of the puzzles I had vague memories of what to do that sort of pushed me along quicker. Like others have said though, there really is no plot until the very end of the game, so if you want more plot you have to play the sequels. Anyways, it was definitely worth 10 bucks, and I'd recommend it if you find it cheap anywhere or if you just want to solve a few puzzles.

Oh, and btw, it worked fine on my Windows 8.1, but it did have a weird issue where whenever a video was playing the entire frame, except for the video, blacked out. It was kind of annoying but wasn't game breaking or anything. (There was one spot where a button is blacked out because of a looping video, but I managed to find it.)
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