Obduction Update #31

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Obduction Update #31

Postby greydragon » Mon Feb 10, 2014 10:25 am

Emerging From Our Sequestration!

Thanks for your patience. It may be frozen outside, but Obduction design and development have been heating up inside!
Cyan HQ

Current Financials

PayPal funding keeps coming in, and we're actually getting closer to the next stretch goal. Here's where we're at: Kickstarter - $1,275,299.31, PayPal - $80,189.67, for a grand total (so far) of $1,355,488.98.

We're getting tantalizingly closer to that second stretch goal of 1.7 Million, and we still have 18 days left to make it happen. Like many of you, we're still hoping to make it a reality. Just to remind you, in the next stretch goal we expand the content from hub plus three worlds - to hub plus four! A whole new world to explore! And just as interesting, we also add Roadtrip Mode! For more information on the stretch goal, please check out our FAQ http://support.cyan.com/kb_cat.php?id=40. We can do it, but only with your help.

Obduction Backer Forums

If you're a backer who wants access to the Backer forums, you'll need to have a Forum account - using the same email address that you used to support us on Kickstarter or PayPal. If you've done that, then you'll be ready to go when we "hit the switch." If you have any questions or issues you need addressed, please submit a ticket on our support site http://support.cyan.com/.


We've been working diligently on the Kickstarter survey. If you're a Kickstarter backer, a survey will be coming around the beginning of March. Since we can only send one survey through Kickstarter, we are checking and re-checking to make sure we don't miss anything.

For PayPal backers - if we need more info to fulfill your tier level, we will be getting in touch with you as well.
Obduction Work

Design & development work continues at a good pace. We'll have some more specific updates for you coming soon.
Karl Unreal Engine 4

Rand & Richard doing top secret design work.

More updates are coming. We've got plenty of stuff to share. Thanks again for your support!

The Cyan Obduction Team
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