Firmanent - VR ported to Flat Screen "Experience"?

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Firmanent - VR ported to Flat Screen "Experience"?

Postby Uhuru N'Uru » Fri Apr 05, 2019 5:41 am

This is a deal breaker, VR is way too niche, and still in early adopter test mode, with only first generation Production models available.
Look how many iterations of 1440p/4k monitors we have had, and neither Resolution has become mainstream yet.
The industry attempt to push these 1st gen "Tech demo units" onto the mainstream, may have fatally damaged VR in the eyes of most gamers, and it may never recover.

VR needs bare minimum of 1440p per eye @ a consistent 90Hz (FPS) to be fit for mainstream, with the high end PC's headsets providing at least 4k per eye @ a consistent 144Hz (FPS).
No mainstream GPU's exist to even poweer that, a 2080Ti might just manage the 1440p/90hz, but it's hardly mainstream.
No headsets are capable of meeting the above specs yet, though the very latest (announced) high end ones, are also getting close to those mainstream minimums.
Even then VR may never be more than a niche product, and I like VR, as a concept, but it's not good enough for me to consider buying yet.

I've no objection to you creating a VR version as you did for Obduction, and I backed the Obduction Kickstarter, but I won't back this on some vague promise, I'll get some sort of flat screen "Experience".
I suspect most other potential backers have little to no interest in the VR version, and are unwilling to accept vague promises either.

The major blockers I see, are first it's made for VR first, then "Ported" to flat screen with all the limitations that implies.
Disembodied Ghost hands, and no player model.
Unspecified control/movement system
VR style UI

More clarification could alleviate some, or all those concerns, but I see an even bigger blocker,
Quoting from "Pledge US$ 30 or more About £23 The Game (and a Little More)"
You'll get the Windows (PC and VR) downloadable version of the game.

This one is actually the main deal breaker for me.
I only back Crowdfunding projects, if I can get the game on GOG (I get an offline installer from GOG, DRM free is just a bonus).

Never mind the fact many gamers prefer Steam, and it doesn't even mention that platform, which raises the ugly spectre of an Epic Exclusivity deal.
Considering the latest Kickstarter betrayal by "Phoenix Point" devs, going back on promises made to backers, and using their vague wording as a pathetic justification;
A guarantee that I'll get the game on GOG, on the same day it releases on any other store/platform is now a requirement, for me to back any crowdfunding project.

No Guarantee of a Day one GOG release provided, and I won't back the project.
It's always been one of my requirements, but now It must be specifically guaranteed. Not vaguely worded, so it can't be twisted into, "after the new exclusive deal runs out".

I still hope you reach the target, and I can judge the released product as a consumer, and make a purchase decision on the product provided.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned these decisions, of VR ported to Flat screen, and no choice of PC store, put off too many potential backers like myself.
Just sad you thought going the Niche VR route first, was a good idea, to crowdfund the game. When most of your fans don't even have VR, and will probably never have it.
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Re: Firmanent - VR ported to Flat Screen "Experience"?

Postby Geron » Sat Apr 13, 2019 2:38 am

For 22+ years I followed Cyan on their travels to immersive worlds. More than once I had to upgrade my hardware to meet the requirements they set. This time I will not upgrade - not even the most magic world can justify the VR hardware costs solely to play Firmament. It's 'just' a game after all.

Nevertheless I backed Firmament too, of course. Just as I did with their previous crowdsourced projects - hoping for an acceptable 'flat screen experience'. Although never in time, Cyan always came up with great products finally and so they will this time. I trust them and hopefully you will too
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Re: Firmanent - VR ported to Flat Screen "Experience"?

Postby pat_trick » Sat Apr 20, 2019 2:23 pm

I would prompt you to watch some of the videos that have been done of the "flatscreen" version.

Cyan often pushes boundaries with what they do. You describe VR as "way too niche", yet Cyan is pushing into an area that may shortly become mainstream. By being the first in an area, you get an advantages that others don't have.

Regarding the "guarantee" of a GOG release, the game isn't even partially developed yet. So it's difficult to say where it will end up. Steam and GOG are on their intended release platforms.

Come back in 5 to 10 years, and look back on this, and see where things have moved.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
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